A sense of state and political responsibility, for example Great Britain

Sometimes I feel political envy… I don’t know if that’s possible, nor do I really know if the name is correct. But that’s how I feel. It happened to me, for example, when I saw how the Republican or Democratic candidates in the US they fight each other like belly up cat to be the presidential candidate of his party, so that, when the delegates have voted and have chosen one of them, to rally whoever is the candidate for all. The same happens with presidential elections: the president is the commander-in-chief, the authority of the Presidency is not questioned, even his rivals serve the president when he calls them and even if politics are made in Congress, the institution is never questioned.

That it’s so clear that institutions are above people and political parties that’s what makes me jealous. Here we have not succeeded, we have confused concepts and everything is questioned because everything is partisan, biased, nothing unites us all, which unites us with a basic common interest on the table.

In just a few days, Great Britain has faced a major political crisis and resolved it, in my opinion, in an exemplary manner. The Brexit referendum had a favorable outcome for Britain to leave the European Union, and it went against all odds. The result was very close, only 51.9% of the vote in favour… it was a sufficient result but, of course, clarified the division of opinion and forced half of the UK to live in political conditions they did not want. want. Neither choice was easy… however, within days of a government crisis, Prime Minister David Cameron had stepped down, his successor Theresa May had been elected, inheriting the absolute majority that Cameron achieved in May 2015. And in one day, the government newly formed… and for work, nothing happens here (Theresa May replaces Cameron and will lead Brexit).

To work on what? Well, obviously in carry out the mandate of the referendum in the best conditions for the country itself. That is, Cameron resigned because he opposed Brexit and campaigned for immortality (in the UK and elsewhere, politicians resign for political reasons); new prime minister too and auspicious for eternity. But that vision politics and the state above parties, acronyms and the people allows this woman to now lead a Government that had to expel Great Britain from the European Union… regardless of personal or partisan considerations, following the mandate of 51.9% of citizens. It impressed me, what do you want me to say to you… I was impressed by the sense of Country and the clear vision democratic institutions and mandates are above personal and partisan considerations, however reasonable they may be.

Theresa May, while advocating staying in Europe, leads a government that had to leave the EU in best term for english. And for this, he put a conservative colleague who, after all, is a supporter of Brexit, Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, as head of Foreign Affairs. And he is not the only Brexit proponent that the new prime minister has placed in a key portfolio for international negotiations both with regard to the EU and in relation to the bilateral trade agreement he will have to start drafting together, as he will remain outside the EU. Union umbrella.

At this point, it no longer matters whether you support Brexit or not, the important thing is to work so that the UK faces its challenges and comes out of it on the best of terms: to recover. inner union from England with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (the latter two voted permanent); leaving the EU to get the best conditions; rebuilding bilateral trade relations with many European and non-European countries; show proponents of immortality that leaving the EU doesn’t have to hurt the country if it’s done well; And in some way, support the arguments of those in favor of Brexit: in a certain way, to aspire to restore the greatness of the abandoned Empire… “By leaving the European Union, we will carve out a brilliant and positive new role for ourselves in the world. We will make the UK a working nation not only for the privileged few, but for each one of us”, said the Prime Minister after his visit to Buckingham.

In other words, no cheating, no cheating, no delays or exciting games, Theresa May he will work to carry out in the best way what he has been fighting for until now and that’s what more than half of the voters want in a referendum. To me, this is an example of political responsibility and democracy.

I certainly don’t want to be in Theresa May’s position, but I admire his ability to recognize what his duty is and obey it and work for it even against his political beliefs. It’s having a sense of Country, something I’m envious of and one I’d also like to see in Spanish politics, and it makes me wonder what we’ve done wrong in Spain and whether we can do it. regenerate, indeed, our concepts of politics, of the State, of institutions and, in general, of democracy.

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