– I have to apologize

BISLETT STADIUM (Dagbladet): – Heavy and damn.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen (31) was honest when asked how it felt to run 10,000 meters during “Night of Highlights”. The 31-year-old dashed across the finish line seconds after what was the big goal of the evening: European Championship requirement of 28.15.

– It’s not so careful for me. The most important thing is that the body works well. And when I do what I do, with the foundation I have, I’m very happy with the day. “I wanted to be in better shape but that is the only thing missing, I did what was good for me today,” Ingebrigtsen told Dagbladet after the race.

Long-distance runner Sondre Nordstad Moen (31) was brought in as the rabbit for the night, with the hope he could join in and pull Ingebrigtsen during the EC requirements. Instead, the 31-year-old gave up early.

Gjert student: – Weird atmosphere

– Yes, I talked a little with Sondre, he struggled a little with the same as me, a good base, but a little speed resource. Do you disagree Sondre?, Ingebrigtsen said to Nordstad Moen, who stood beside him and stretched.

– Yes, Moen replied.

– That’s really it. We are well trained, that’s not the case, Ingebrigtsen further said, to Moen.

Moen was scheduled to be the hare for 7-8000 yards, having overtaken Filip Ingebrigtsen after around 3000 yards, but had to give up a few laps before what was planned.

– Yes, too soon. I just have to apologize to Henrik, I have to…

– But it’s Wednesday, damn it … Henrik shoots, before Moen takes over again:

– I think what I’ve been doing since Saturday will make enough profit for me to get a cheap profit of up to seven or eight kilometers, but I think it will last a little longer than usual when I’m in a bit better shape.

Moen is aiming to run a half marathon recently.

Knutsen warning sign

Knutsen warning sign

– What did you say to Henrik when you were broke?

– I just said that «now you have to go». At first the lights started to dim a little bit, and then I fought back. Then I saw that the light was gradually starting to move away from me. And I know that it’s not ideal to stress quickly, says Moen of the rabbits set out on the EC requirements.

– Do you accept that excuse, Henrik?

– I really recognized myself in what he said. If this is the most important thing in the world for us, then we will do it in a completely different way. Then we won’t be doing it here today, with the preparations at our disposal, Ingebrigtsen replied and continued:

– This is a difficult thing, because when we don’t drive at a competitive pace like we do, at this distance, we rely a lot on day form. And I don’t have much to do today. “I feel really good in the warm-up, and the last few days I haven’t felt very well,” said Ingebrigtsen.

Narve Gilje Nordås had to take charge up front when Moen surrendered. It surprised him that the long-distance runner gave up so quickly.

– Yes, I would say that. He had reported 7-8000 meters before. When he gave up 3000 meters before that, it went a bit like this: “Oh shit, I hope Henrik has a good day, I hope he takes over now”. But then he came out after that, and then I thought: “Well, what should I do,” Nords told Dagbladet.

Nordås, who participated in the Tokyo Olympics among other things, are still chasing victory and are just ten seconds below the European Championship requirements.

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