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EUGENE (Dagbladet): Amalie Iuel is placed in the World Cup city of Eugene after precamp in California.

The 28-year-old has returned to form this year, and among other things delivered a strong 54.91 during the Bislett Games.

Now he’ll be using the WC to find his best form heading into the peak of the season – the EC in Germany in mid-August.

PUMP: All did not go according to plan for German 3,000m hurdler Lea Meyer. Video: Løkås/Haarstad. Clip: NRK
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Take action

During this summer’s European Football Championship, the England women’s national team mentioned that they wanted to replace the team’s white shorts. The reason is the risk of bleeding during menstruation.

– It was nice to have an all-white suit, but it wasn’t always practical at the time, says Beth Mead telegraph.

ANNOUNCED: Beth Mead and the United Kingdom National Football Team. Photo: NTB
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Amalie Iuel’s sponsor, Puma, is also the champion in this fight in the world of athletics. Earlier this year, they launched a red-and-pink tracksuit that was supposed to help keep more women in the sport. They want to make women feel safe and comfortable during menstruation.

– The goal is to eliminate shame and stigma, Puma wrote in an ad that Iuel also shared on his Instagram profile.

JOINT MESSAGE: Amalie Iuel supports the Puma campaign.  Facsimile: AmalieIuel / Instagram

JOINT MESSAGE: Amalie Iuel supports the Puma campaign. Facsimile: AmalieIuel / Instagram
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salute campaign

Dagbladet discussed the topic with Iuel before the WC, and there he paid tribute to the women of England and the Norwegian beach handball team, who dared to accept something they were uncomfortable doing last summer.

– I don’t know if I’ve familiarized myself with this problem well enough. I’ve only seen some headlines and stuff like that, but I think it should be up to the athletes themselves. They should be allowed to run or play as they please, explains Iuel.

He continued:

– I saw that the beach handball girls, who didn’t want to play in panties, also joined the match. I think it’s hard to do. They started a movement and made it through. It shows that it is going in the right direction at least.

Travelling around the world

Travelling around the world

– What do you think of Puma’s actions?

– Very nice to see. It’s great that as many people as possible come in, show support and show that they made arrangements. I salute that, said Iuel.

Pursuing a new person

The 28-year-old started the WC final on Wednesday night Norway time, the same day Karsten Warholm and Jakob Ingebrigtsen ran the WC final.

The semifinals are held on Thursday night – before the final awaits on Saturday night. American duo Sydney McLaughlin and Dalilah Muhammad, along with Femke Bol of the Netherlands, are among the favorites for WC gold.

Iuel has a season-best record (54.91) in Bislett, 19 percent behind his own time of 54.72 – which occurred during the WC in Doha in 2019.

WOUNDED: It was tough for goalkeeper Amalie Luel on the run during the Bislett Games on Thursday night. Reporter: yvind Godø. Video: Melina Pambou Sundfør
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He hopes to solve the new 54 times during the WC:

– I had planned that I would be in top form in EC this year. My chances are better there than in the WC. It’s great to run fast now that I’m here. We’ll see what it takes. It would be nice to decorate the press, he said.

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