If your cloud application fails, it’s not your fault: data center overheats | Technology

The record temperatures we experienced this summer caused all sorts of problems, not to mention thousands of deaths worldwide. Technology also suffers.

Many people discover, firsthand, that technology does not match heat. Especially mobile technology.

Mobile devices try to condense the maximum possible power in a minimum of space, and that means the hardware, and heat dissipation, are working at their limits.

But things get complicated when ambient temperature exceeds 35 degrees. Then devices like Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch consoles start crashing, slowing down, and even melting their chips. And the same goes for cell phones.

If each device has issues, imagine what it would be like to condense into one place thousands of processors and graphics cards running at peak performance, 24 hours a day.

Last week, a cryptocurrency farm in Texas was closed for several days due to excessive heat, and because the power grid was taxed due to the use of fans and air conditioners.

Meanwhile in England Oracle and Google cloud applications slowed down due to overheating in your data center. And that’s in a traditionally cold and rainy country. For the first time in history, the temperature reached 40 degrees.

As reported Registration, through Gizmodo, Oracle server in UK down between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, as the company itself has confirmed. It turns out that this data center has a security system that turns it off when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius.

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On the same day, Google reported error in its UK data center managed by Google Cloudsuch as throttling, temporary crashes, and other crashes due to heat.

This is just one of the thousands of problems, inconveniences, inflation and reduced quality of life it will bring to us. climate changeIf we don’t do something to fix it.

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