Electric car users are more satisfied than burning

A survey reveals the high level of satisfaction of electric car users

When it is decided to take a step towards a new technology or product, there is always a fear or dread as to whether it will actually live up to user expectations.

Thanks to a survey conducted by Zap-Map in the UK, we know that most users electric car satisfied with the vehicle.

Survey data are particularly damaging to satisfaction with electric cars, where 91% of survey participants said they were happy with their car and that they would not exchange it for a burning car.

That 8% doubt, that is, they can contemplate changes and only 1% of those surveyed lost a burning car and they are looking forward to returning to this type of vehicle.

Another very interesting data is the level of satisfaction based on the type of technology where 91% satisfied electric car users with a change compared to 84% of hybrids and 74% of internal combustion (ICE) cars.

As a novelty, this year Zap-Map has included a new question in its survey, in which it asks what is the furthest trip made by an electric vehicle.

The data obtained concluded that every time they are people who dare to travel long distances with their electric cars, because 53% of those surveyed claimed to have traveled more than 320 kilometers where 24% traveled more than 480 kilometers and 7% traveled more than 800 kilometers.

Only 15% of those surveyed had their furthest trip of less than 160 kilometers, indicating that this type of user uses their vehicle practically exclusively for the city.

It is clear that electric cars are preferred and convincing and more and more users are deciding to take the technological step for both urban and travel mobility.

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