Government 19: Britain summons military doctors

British Government At least 200 doctors from the armed forces were sent to a London hospital this Friday The result is due to the health worker crisis affecting public health services in the UK The development of the Omigrant variant creates a surplus of other infections.

That Military doctors assist public health organization (NHS) staff with patient care, Public service officers will assist with tasks such as facility maintenance, patient registration on arrival and carrying out basic examinations. The government said in a statement that service personnel began recruiting this week Expected to work for three weeks.

Forty layers

Forty teams, consisting of one doctor each and four general staff, will be flexibly distributed to ensure support for areas of high demand. A total of 178,250 people have tested positive in the UK, while the wave of infections has crossed 1.2 million since January 1, an increase of 19.8 per cent from the previous week.

With a total of 18,454 patients, hospital admissions in various parts of the country continue to increase, According to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Health. As of January 3, 2,434 people had been admitted to UK hospitals, bringing the total number of patients to 15,812 in the past seven days, an increase of 57.7 percent on the previous week, according to Sputnik News Agency.


Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said men and women in the British Armed Forces were once again coming forward to support their colleagues on the NHS, who are working hand in hand to protect the country from flag advances. He also said he would provide 32 troops to strengthen the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS).

Health and Social Minister Sajid Javed has promised that the Armed Forces will support the country during the epidemic and strengthen teams at testing sites, vaccination centers and hospitals. According to the government, this support is provided through the Military Assistance to Civil Service (MACA) process and already has more than 1,000 armed forces across the UK to support the response to the epidemic.

Vaccine stimulant

Military personnel assist ambulance centers in decentralized countries such as Scotland and Wales, and support vaccination programs for 1,000 men and women, including 730 in England, 221 in Scotland and 98 in Wales. “The Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) can no longer rule out questions about the ability of NHS staff to provide safe care. Once the military is called in, where does the government go now? Instead of facing the tide, Patricia Marquis, said RCN’s director of nursing for the UK.

Until Thursday, 24 hospital centers in the UK have recorded significant incidents, refers to the fear of not being able to safely provide priority services. And lawmakers from the Health and Social Affairs Committee of all parties warned that 5.8 million people across the country are now on a waiting list for planned treatment.

Which is not

According to official figures, no more than 80,000 employees in the UK’s National Health Service are on average an increase of 13 per cent daily, up from 71,000 last week. An average of 36,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus, up from 25,000 the previous week.

“Our NHS is on the battlefield,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson. At a press conference on TV. But at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Johnson rejected current recommendations to work remotely, proposing further restrictions beyond the mandatory use of masks at home and the need for health clearances for public events that take effect from mid-December. In January. Under intense pressure from most of his conservative parties to avoid the new measures, he stressed: “We have a chance to sustain this influx of migrants without closing our country again” and “find a way to live with this virus.”


The lack of troops is also affecting rail services, with many trains having to be canceled on Tuesday, the first day of full operation after the holiday on Monday, with passengers having to wait long. “It has been shown that many people are infected at Christmas, and the Omigrant variety is highly contagious, but it is good news that it does not cause serious illness like some other strains,” he said. Public Health Secretary Maggie TroopAl Canal Sky News.

To lighten something Johnson The so-called “significant pressure” in hospitals on Monday called for the rules to be made more flexible for health workers, but the government doubted its relevance.

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