How to innovate from day to day

“I see innovation as problem solving, I talk about everyday things that need attention. This is a journey where Dyson is not afraid to take a different tack with its products. You think of today’s phones and they are just bigger. But between our devices there are substantial differences for each type of use,” says Toogood.

Dyson, a place far away, but surprising

To see this process firsthand, Expansion visited the company’s laboratory in Malmesbury, England. To get there takes time. From London airport it takes a few hours by car. While the journey can be tiring after 10 hours on a plane, the terrain that looks like a green carpet makes the journey more bearable.

When you get there, the first thing that catches your eye is not a building with a sunken roof giving off a wave sensation, but a WWII Harrier fighter parked outside the office, something that was replicated inside one of the company’s centers as well. cafeteria.

And to produce this hulk, the engineers didn’t stop thinking about how to optimize their resources to create a slimmer design, which was indeed the case with the Dyson device. From vacuum cleaners to lamps, the “do more with less” premise dominates the company.

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