– It’s so sad that I don’t think he himself believed it – VG

PRESS: Is a prime minister under fire trying to defend himself in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

The British media was ruthless and some of the media themselves asked him to resign. However, the Prime Minister doubted his work. British experts believe Boris Johnson is shameless.

– I think he does. He lacks a number of filters for what the outside world considers right and wrong. We’ve seen this throughout his career, says Erik Mustad, Associate Professor of British Studies at the University of Agder, comparing the British Prime Minister to previous US Presidents:

– It’s a bit like Donald Trump. People knew that he was lying and doing bullshit, but they still liked him.

And only that – much like unconventional politicians with disheveled blonde hair – can again be his savior, explains the British expert, who describes Boris Johnson as “extreme voter magnet at best”.

Popularity, combined with the apparent absence of a crown prince, or crown princess, in the Conservative Party, made Johnson feel safe.

IN THE PROBLEM: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his current wife Carrie Johnson are both said to have attended a garden party at 10 Downing Street during the country’s first shutdown in spring 2020. NOTE: This photo was taken on another occasion.

But after the latest scandal, it’s still raging, according to Mustad.

– He had been described as prime minister with nine lives, but now those lives are starting to dwindle, he says, and the list of scandals one after another:

The renovation of 10 Downing Street, the conservative donor title (the biggest scandal of all, according to Mustad, who called it “very ugly”), the loss of the constituency the Conservatives “always” had, last year’s party revelations and most recently the revelation that Boris Johnson attended a garden party, in where guests are asked to bring their own alcohol, at the Prime Minister’s residence during the UK’s first shutdown.

When the party is said to be held, May 20, 2020, the public is only allowed to meet one person outside the house with a distance of two meters outside the house. There must have been dozens present at the garden party.

Boris Johnson has admitted that he is one of them. During Wednesday’s Question and Answer Time in the House of Commons in the British Parliament, he was skinned by the opposition for attending the party.

Watch the video of the barbecue below:


He himself claimed that he was only there for 25 minutes and thought it was okay because he thought it was a work meeting for “Thanks to the employees for all the work they have done”.

– His explanation is so ridiculous it offends the British people, said Labor leader Keir Starmer, who demanded Johnson’s resignation.

Erik Mustad agrees that this explanation does not apply at all.

– That is such a sad excuse, so thin and weak, that I don’t think he himself ever believed it.

That Johnson said he later saw that the meeting looked bad from the outside and that he said he was sorry and regretful that not everyone was sent again, didn’t help much, the expert said.

LEADERS of the Opposition: Keir Starmer is the leader of the Labor Party.

Johnson has no regrets that the party was arranged, but people consider it a breach of loyalty. And then he explained in gibberish that he thought it was a job rather than regretting that he was there at all, Mustad said.

Newspaper: “Absolutely disgraceful”

Mustad and Starmer were far from the only ones reacting. On Thursday, the Prime Minister will be reviewed in British media. Tabloids have fun with titles to hang out Johnsen:

The Daily Mirror called it a “total disgrace”. The Daily Record wrote on its front page that he lied and came up with ridiculous excuses and sad and insincere apologies. They call it “the tale of robbery.” The Star has a title that says “rules are for little people”. The Guardian writes in its title that the future is balanced on a knife edge.

And it can quickly become a reality. Since Johnson’s appearance in the House of Commons yesterday, several members of his own party have supported opposition demands for the prime minister to resign. Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross warned that he would write to the so-called 1922 committee, which organizes party leadership elections, to express a lack of confidence in Johnson.

– He is the Prime Minister, and it was the government that introduced this rule. He must take responsibility for his actions, Ross added BBC.

Yesterday wasn’t the first time Johnson has been criticized for his fanfare during the coronavirus pandemic:

If 54 Tory MPs sent a letter to the 1922 Committee, it would trigger demands for a leadership election.

Although members of Johnson’s own government have so far summoned him, at least three others in the party have said publicly that he should resign.

– Bad at politics – good at talking

In the House of Commons yesterday, Johnson declined to comment on demands that he resign. He referred exclusively to the investigation now to be carried out by a bureaucrat in the government apparatus, and said he would not fulfill the conditions until it was done.

– He’s buying time now, but if it was a different party leader than Boris Johnson, who picked up a solid election win in 2019, he would have been out of the chair long ago, said Erik Mustad, who added that the Conservatives usually “leaders eat theirs.” ».

University lecturers have low hopes that something will come up in the investigation that is as yet unknown, and points out that Johnson has repeatedly walked away from scandals.

EXPERT: Erik Mustad at Agder University.

– He is not good at practical politics, but he is very good at slogans, getting people involved, talking, playing games and distracting. The question now is whether he again has the belief that he is an advantage for the party. The way polls are now (Labor is way ahead of journ.anm.) And after yesterday’s session in the House of Commons, he’s hanging on a thinner thread than ever.

Don’t think he left voluntarily

One of her party mates who thinks she should now leave, Caroline Nokes, is among those who think she no longer benefits the party.

– He ruined the whole conservative brand, he told the BBC.

And it was precisely from himself that Boris Johnson might have had a stroke of mercy. The majority in parliament is too large for the opposition to oust him.

– I thought he would refuse to resign until he was finally thrown. And then the internal discontent within the party that trapped him, Mustad said.

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