Malaysia Airines MH370: – Claiming mystery solved

On March 8, 2014, passenger plane Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was en route from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Beijing in China. There were 227 passengers and 12 crew on board the Boeing 777.

One hour after departure, air traffic control in Malaysia made contact with the plane. Then the plane disappeared from the radar.

Revolutionary technology

What happened to the plane and where it ended up has remained a great mystery ever since.

Now, however, British aeronautical engineer Richard Godfrey claims he has found where the wreckage is using a new method.

Godfrey has been working for a long time trying to solve the mystery of flight. Now he’s used what he describes as “revolutionary” and new tracking technology – and made a discovery, according to himself.

To BBC Godfrey explained how he combined disparate data to calculate the exact position of a Boeing plane.

It is said to be at a depth of 4,000 meters in the Indian Ocean, about 2,000 kilometers west of the city of Perth on Australia’s west coast.

Specifically, 33 degrees south and 95 degrees east of the Indian Ocean, according to the BBC.

New theory: Pilots leave false trails

– Very confident

The area the engineers determined that the wreck was located was an area characterized by underwater rocks and volcanoes, and was therefore difficult to investigate.

His report concluded that it should be searched within a 75-kilometer radius of the coordinates Godfrey indicated.

In 2018, a search was carried out for the plane which was only 28 kilometers from the area Godfrey had designated.

To Australia Sunrise Godfrey said he was “very confident” that he had found the right location for the plane.

“We have quite a bit of data from satellites, we have oceanography, operations analysis, performance data from Boeing and now this new technology,” the engineer told Sunrise.

Claiming the plane was hijacked

Since the plane disappeared in 2014, dozens of pieces of wreckage have been found on islands in the Indian Ocean and along coasts in southern Africa.

The British engineer also has a theory about what caused the plane to crash.

He determined that the plane was hijacked as an act of terrorism by the pilot.

Godfrey believes the pilot directed the plane to make it disappear in one of the “furthest places on earth”.

There is a lot of speculation, theory, and conspiracy theories about what happened to the plane. From dead engines and planes plunging into the sea, to aliens shooting down or hijacking planes.

In the run-up to the disappearance, the pilot had criticized Malaysian authorities and called the prime minister an idiot, according to NRK. Therefore, he quickly came into the spotlight of investigators with the theory that he deliberately crashed the plane.

Investigators, however, found no evidence to suggest he wanted to pilot the plane.

Godfrey, on the other hand, determined that the pilot hijacked the plane as an act of terrorism, and dropped it into the sea. Australian experts, however, have rejected this theory, according to BT.

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