Most believe in these new Norwegian artists in 2022

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Every year since 2010, has asked people who work with Musikk about which Norwegian debutants they have particular faith in in the new year. Journalists, bloggers, record workers and festival and concert bookers have voted for the most promising, new Norwegian artists for 2022.

Last year, Metteson topped the award and has without a doubt been one of our new artists who left his mark on 2021. But now it is 2022 that applies, here is the year’s top 10:

1. Hannah Storm


Hannah Storm from Oslo started writing songs already as a 7-year-old. After attending the Music Line at Foss high school, the jazz line at Toneheim Folkehøgskole and completing her education at LIMPI (Lillehammer Institute of Music Production), she started sending out demos to some selected people in the industry.

Several longer stays in Bergen led to the 22-year-old quickly becoming part of the city’s Music Environment, and got in touch with artists, songwriters and producers such as Sondre Lerche, Vetle Junker, Matias Tellez and Odd Martin Skålnes. Now she has made Bergen her hometown.

In the autumn of 2021, Hannah signed a record contract with Petroleum Records – the company that already houses i.a. AURORA and Sigrid. And during the industry festivals Wild Wild West and by: Larm, she got both the public, critics and the industry to star. Right after the latter festival, Hannah was booked directly for ya 2022.

In mid-January, she released her debut single “Stranger”, which received many good reviews. read more here

2. Michelle Ullestad


Michelle Ullestad from Bergen debuted with the song “Open Again” in 2019. the following year she followed up with the song “OppNed”, which received good reviews. In 2021, the 27-year-old released the EP “It was a bit dark there for a while”, which consisted of four tracks where she deals with abuse, unhealthy love relationships and what it is like to live with ADHD.

The beginning of her musical career began when she was 20 years old and suffered from a severe postpartum depression. She was admitted to a district psychiatric flashlight, where she began writing lyrics. The result is Norwegian, melancholy indie pop that comes straight from the heart.

Being able to put words to emotions and sort a little in that Chaos in the head, helped, she has previously stated to NRK.

Last year, Michelle also won both the Eggstock Festival, which is a festival for young and unestablished bands and artists in Western Norway, and the Wild Wild West award. In January, she was selected as Untouched of the Month on P3.

3. Veps


Veps is an indie pop band from Oslo consisting of Maja Beitrusten Berge (drums), Laura Dodson (vocals and guitar), Helena Mariero Olasveengen (vocals and keyboards) and June Urholt (bass).

The girls have known each other since primary school. When they were 14 years old, they started playing together and decided to start a band.

They signed with American Kanine Records in 2020, and released their first single “Ecstasy” shortly after. That song also reached number 23 on Spanish iTunes’ 100 Alternative Songs list.

Later in 2021, they released their debut EP, “Open the Door”, which was produced by Matias Tellez.

Wasps have already been well noticed abroad. The band was quickly invited to Great Escape in the UK and Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, as well as Wild Wild West and by: Larm here at home.

Caitlin Mincher of the music website “When The Horn Blows” wrote that the EP was “the perfect bridge between the unique and the familiar” and that “Open the Door” is a beautiful mix of 90’s anxiety and raw instruments “, and that this was a very promising debut.

4. Ash Olsen


Fredrikstad rapper Ash Olsen has recently emerged as one of Music Norway’s most promising names. When she was younger, one day she discovered Tupac’s “Only God Can Judge Me”. She posted it on YouTube and tried to sing along.

“I had never rapped before, but I loved it from the first moment. I went home that day and never stopped “, she has said.

It all started with the single “KitKat” in the fall of 2020, which she recorded in the bedroom at home, and which is now approaching one million plays on Spotify. Later, the 22-year-old has also released the EP “Ashy”, which contains songs such as “Wildin ‘”, “Tuttifrutti” and “Rosalia”. Offers from record companies around the world have rolled in, she has chosen to release Musikken on her own label, namely EZ Money.

She performed her first concert in June 2021, a short time after the release of her debut single.

In November last year, she was nominated as this year’s Newcomer under P3 Gold, and there we could also see her perform the song “Vibe Killer”. The P3 Gold jury described her as the most unique newcomer of the year, and added that she is completely wild alive.

5. You are Selina


In 2020, Sei Selina was named Untouched of the Month by NRK P3, and she came through the eye of the needle on by: Larm og Vill Vill Vest. Program manager for by: Larm, Joakim Haugland, said that she was one of 22 artists who were selected from 1000 submitted demos, and that one should follow her in the future.

After Wild Wild West, she was hailed in Bergens Tidende where the concert reviewer concluded that she will probably be one of the country’s biggest stars in a short time.

In December last year, the 24-year-old released the first taste of his upcoming debut EP, namely the song “Only When You’re Asleep”. The song was created in Bergen, together with AURORA producer Magnus Skylstad. The EP is scheduled to be released in March.

Music news interviewed Sei Selina in connection with the release, where she told about how the song had come to her in a dream – somewhere between being in deep sleep and half awake.

– I only make what I want, so it’s nice to know that Music may be something others want to hear and see more of. For me, it will be a little external confirmation of continuing to follow the gut feeling, she said about the good feedback.

Recently it was also announced that she will be with AURORA who is warming up on her European tour this summer.

6. Fixation


Fixation is described as a band that challenges genres and combines elementary from metalcore, stage rock and post metal with electro-electro elementary and dynamic melodic synths.

Their unique soundtrack has resulted in the attention and recognition of, among others, the BBC Radio1 Rock show with Daniel P. Carter, the BBC Radio1 “Hottest Records of the Week”, and they have been highlighted in columns about the most promising international of new among Kerrang! Magazine “Now Hear This” and Metal Hammer Germany “Spot On”.

We saw Fixation at by: Larm last year and our reviewer was so impressed that she handed out 9/10: Dopamine injection at Vulkan Arena

Musically, we meet a rougher side of Fixation in the new single “Claustrophobic”, which had a video premiere on, and here they show the breadth of music. It is clear with this song that the band creates Music that resonates with a generation and not just fans of a specs genre.

7. Whammyboy


If you have Hart Currents by Tame Impala, you know what kind of fantasy psychedelic universe of emotions and nostalgic album sends us through. The same experience you get by listening to Whammyboy. In other words, this is not an artist you want to overlook! 23-year-old Noah Johansen from Moss is both a producer, songwriter and plays the instruments himself – not unlike Kevin Parker himself, and fills his soundscape with floating synths, catchy hooks and a euphoric energy.

His music is contagious, but in a good way. Even after only three lter, he has already established himself as an exciting contributor to the music industry. He first released On my mind which was included in TIDAL Rising’s playlist in 2020, before lta Rocking with You which came right after. This shot him up made him the untouched of the month. He is now relevant with the single Like We Used To and plays on SALT on March 10.

8. Jonathan Floyd

Tidal once called him “one to watch” – and after last year’s P3 Gold, it was clear that this year’s newcomer has fallen in love with the Norwegian people. following in the R & B footsteps of The Weeknd and Stig Brenner is not just-just, but here Jonathan Floyd really has the jackpot.

With strong productions and vibes created for enjoyment at festivals, the longing to return to the dance floor becomes extra great. In the meantime, we can enjoy the irresistible rhythms of songs like Dancer on the Edge and Heartbreaker (with Arif), which by the way have received well over a million streams each since 2020. now such numbers in such a short time should tell you one thing – and that is that Jonathan Floyd is here to stay! His debut ep will be released in 2022.

9. Nothing Personal


The project Nothing Personal is composed of musicians from other bands who found a common interest in pop, jazz and sound recordings from nature. The trio consists of Solveig Wang (Fieh, HeyLove), Dorothea kland (Klossmajor, Soft Punch) and Thea Emilie Wang (Thea Wang, Daiisy), who want to create a collage of Music with different origins. Here, detelectronics, hip-hop, singer-songwriter and jazz are mixed – with a dsj fun and laughter.

The band wants to challenge today’s typical Music Conventions through abrupt tempo changes, unconventional forms and soundscapes that take creative turns. The music is described as a lab where all of the sounds, songs and effects are mixed together for a great and unforgettable result.

10. Mall Girl


Mall Girl delivers catchy pop songs, which are broken up by surprising twists and intricate guitar riffs – the genre `math-pop ‘may have quickly been invented in the band’s wing room.

Mall Girl’s debut album has been aptly titled Superstar, marking a new and exciting chapter for the hyped Oslo band. The album comes in the wake of a series of successful singles, including the debut single “Slay Queen” from 2018, as well as “Don’t Get It” and “My Sweet Mall Girl”, which really put the band on the alternative pop chart.

Mall Girl is part of the alternative pop scene in Oslo that circulates around bands such as Fieh, Tigerstate, Canaan, Selmer, Juno, Vegard and Ivar Band, and then precisely – Mall Girl.

They are out with the single “For Hannah” today.

These have voted ir


Frank Nes, Bergenfest
Kjetil Kopren Ullebø, Bergens Tidende
Tor Martin Bøe, VG
Sverre Aksel Eilertsen, by: larm og Parkteatret
Arianrhod Engebø, NRK P3
Thomas Rydjord, Trondheim Calling
Sjur Systad Tyssen, Urørt / NRK P3
Claes Olsen, yafestivalen
Toffen Gunnufsen, Slottsfjell
Jørgen Hegstad, NRK P13
Original Kim, Pstereo
David Jønsson, Deichman Musikk
Sten Ove Toft, BLÅ
Andrew Mukuria, Aftenposten
Karsten Baugst, Kadetten
Jonas Prangerød, yafestivalen og Last Train
Lars Jacobsen, NPS Music
Frida Fliflet, Musikkmagasinet Klassekampen
Stian Tangerud, TIDAL
Eskil Vestre , NRK P3
Kristin Borgersen, NPS Music
Guro Furunes Pettersen, Vinjerock
Atle Bredal, NRK P1
Jørgen Berntson Aase, Bookd
Kristoffer Kinden Endresen, Stavanger Konserthus
Geir Magne Staurland, Gaffa
Frode Nakken, Rauma Artist
Thomas Müller, NPS Music

Former top 3 in’s annual new Norwegian Music award:


2021: Metteson, Lokoy, Murder Maids
2020: Kamara, Daufødt, Combos
2019: girl in red, Pom Poko, Emma Steinbakken
2018: Fieh, Sassy 009 and Emir
2017: Sigrid, Hajk and Amanda Delara
2016: Ary, Dagny and Gundelach
2015 : Aurora, Fay Wildhagen and Slutface
2014: Emilie Nicolas, Daniel Kvammen and LOVELOVELOVE
2013: Truls, Hvitmalt Gjerde and Torgeir Waldemar
2012: Mikhael Paskalev, Young Dreams and Linnea Dale
2011: Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O, Turns og Honningbarna
2010: Navigators, Kvelertak and Moddi

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