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NARROWER: This is moving towards a tighter budget for Transport Minister Jon Ivar Nygård (Labor Party) and Norwegian road construction.

Transport and Communications Minister Jon-Ivar Nygård (Labor Party) insists that less money will be spent on road construction by 2023 – and that major national road projects could be delayed or scaled back.

– We need to review our priorities, because there will probably be less money than planned for transport, Transport Minister Jon-Ivar Nygård (Labour) told VG.

– There is a great danger that there may be less money to go next year?

– Yes.

Because in the National Transportation Plan, it has actually been planned growth in spending on the road in 2023. Now it may be broken.

First why – and then the consequences. For some projects, life is more dangerous than others.

This is how it is justified

The Minister of Transportation and Communication stated two reasons:

  • That public spending should be limited by the dangers of high temperatures in the economy and the dangers of overheating.
  • That they should prioritize defense and emergency preparedness – and refugee finance.

– There are several important elements that overall mean that transport – like any other area – should look at what you can contribute to a major charity event, says Nygård.

This is how it can affect the project

On Tuesday, the Minister of Transport and Communications received a list of 20 road projects that the Norwegian Public Road Administration said should be prioritized in the future. At the top are four projects that road authorities believe are “ready to go” – on which they believe construction could start soon:

  1. Bay: Oslofjord . E134 Connection
  2. West Norway: E134 Røldal – Seljestad
  3. Nordland: E6 Megården – Mørsvikbotn
  4. West Norway: E16 Hylland – Slæen

The Minister of Transportation emphasized that if there is a project that needs to be scaled down or postponed, then it is the project. base in the list of the most dangerous living.

Therefore, the Norwegian Public Road Administration believes that four are green and ready for construction, while two are red and «immature»:

The Transport and Communications Minister said it was unlikely that those “most mature” or “ready to use” for construction would be affected.

– It’s clear that those who come in the shortest, the least mature, will be the ones who have the most room for change, says Nygård.

– It could take longer with those projects, he said.

Four lane highway – or not

The first answers to how much transport and road projects will be affected will come when the state budget for 2023 is presented this fall.

– We haven’t concluded with that yet, but I think we will most likely postpone some projects and try to downsize some to reduce costs. This will require difficult prioritization, Nygård said.

In addition, it can affect road construction: New debate over when four-lane highways should be built. For the Norwegian Public Road Administration now view:

  • Possibility of limiting encroachment on nature by constructing narrower roads with lower speed limits.
  • How much traffic is needed before building a four lane highway in Norway.

– We are building a four-lane road for lower traffic than anywhere else in Europe, said Transport Minister Nygård.

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