Now that you can pay from the palm of your hand (literally), the implantation of chips in humans has arrived

The Walletmor company securely embeds chips (as they say) in people’s hands so they can pay for their services without needing to use cash, cards or smartphones.

To do this, all you have to do is give your hand to the reader for the transaction to be processed.

The company implemented NFC proximity technology, a system used by smart devices to make payments on official websites. Today chip implementations are working in the UK, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Germany, France, among other countries.

Chips implemented.

For several years, the possibility of making a purchase without having to take out a wallet has been projected; this escalated with the advent of the pandemic via QR codes with which secure transactions could be made from the device, so chip implants didn’t sound far-fetched.

Apple loses another chip designer to Microsoft

To show the button, at least four thousand people in the UK have invested their payment chips, because of the convenience it promises, but also, because they ensure that it has no consequences for the body and, against cyber attacks.

Another factor to note is that this is not a very new technology at all, it was developed during the 90s and chip implants have been done in animals for several years.

To start using the chip, you must download the iCard application on your mobile device and open a working digital account in the European Union.

Next, the implanted chip must be activated with a unique code, after which bank money will appear available and can be used at companies that have NFC reading as a payment method.

In fact, to get one of these chips you only need to make an appointment with a local specialist.

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