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Two Israeli doctors from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Zvika Granot and Amnon Lahad, indicated that the Omicron variant marked the end of the pandemic.

They understood that it was a good sign that the breed was more infectious and less aggressive than the previous variant.

“In general, very aggressive viruses are not very contagious and those that are highly contagious are not very aggressive,” Granot said in talks with reporters.

“The Omicron variant is more infectious than the Delta and goes beyond that,” he said according to details on Israel Age.

Professor Miguel Glatstein, head of emergency and toxicology at Ichilob hospital in Tel Aviv, told chain 3 that “there are many scientists in Argentina who agree with this training, not only in Israel.”

“When a virus makes a lot of mutations, it becomes less aggressive. This omicron mutation enters the human body, but remains in the nose. In very few vaccinated patients, the virus reaches the lungs,” he said.

He recalled that “vaccines don’t prevent infection” and “not the same as Delta, which infects the lungs.”

Specialists also criticized that “the government attaches great importance to the number of infections”, which does not mean more hospitalizations or deaths.

“With microns, you have to be optimistic. We are not in 2020. We are in a year with 70% of people vaccinated. It is not the same and there is no need to behave with fear two years ago. It is known that vaccines save thousands of lives and we don’t need to panic,” he concluded.

Granot explained, there is still no certainty that it will be more aggressive even though it actually outperforms the previous variant. “If you look at the pandemic, the apocalypse will come when we have a highly contagious variant with very mild symptoms,” he explained.

In addition, he said that because it is more contagious, many people will become infected, but they will have a cold and “maybe a fever for a few days and then they will return to their normal lives.”

“When this happens, most become infected, overcome it and develop true herd immunity. So, in some aspects, microns could be the light at the end of the tunnel,” he said, according to the paper. Country.

Meanwhile, Lahad said there was no need to worry about the infection. “Despite the increase in positive PCR tests, the number of severe cases is decreasing or at least stabilizing,” he said.

“In South Africa, we’re seeing the same thing even though their vaccination rate is much lower than Israel’s, and we’re starting to see the same thing in the UK,” he added.

So we have one more disaster in public opinion than what is actually happening in emergency rooms and primary care clinics.

For both scientists, the future challenge will be to tackle the Omicron wave “without causing additional damage by shutting down economies and closing schools and disrupting normal life.”

“It will not control the spread of the disease, as 60% of those with the omicron variant are asymptomatic and should not go through the intensive care unit, so as not to harm the health system,” they warned.


One of Britain’s foremost immunologists, Sir John Bell, Oxford University professor and government consultant. According to Bell, he fits in well with his Israeli counterparts.

“The virus is not the same disease as last year,” he said, explaining that Britain’s high death rate “is now history.”

While acknowledging that hospitalizations have increased in recent weeks by micron, he said the disease “appears to be less severe and many people spend relatively little time in hospital” and fewer patients require high-flow oxygen therapy.

Interview with Miguel Clariá.

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