Queen Elizabeth II reappears via video call after positive Carlos and Camilla

Queen Elizabeth II has reappeared this Tuesday, February 15, amid rumors about the state of her health after testing positive for Prince Charles and Camilla.

Isabel II has reappeared this Tuesday, February 15. After a few days where rumors of the state of his health had multiplied, the king had restored his agenda with a reception at Windsor Castle. As usual since the pandemic began, the sultan presided over two audiences, one with Spanish Air, via video call.

The Spanish Ambassador to Britain, José Pascual Marco, and the Estonian Ambassador had presented their credentials to the king, but they had not done so physically. The two diplomats had gone to Buckingham Palace, where did they get their talking on video call with Queen Elizabeth II, which is in Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth II reappears after positives from Carlos and Camilla


A public appearance where Elizabeth II has shown her best face, with her traditional red lipstick and floral shirt. The image the king wants to end all the rumors about the state of his health, which have been going on since Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus five days ago.

Concerns about Queen Elizabeth II spiked last week, after Prince Charles tested positive for the coronavirus, as the mother and son had been together hours before the heir to the throne was re-infected with the disease. So, the doctors decided to follow up and thus keep him under control if he ends up contracting the disease.

Since a long time ago, Silence fell upon Buckingham Palace alleges the king’s “right to medical privacy”, which has caused rumors of his possible positives to multiply. Further after Clarence House confirmed yesterday that Camilla from Cornwall also has the disease. However, Elizabeth II wants to end all today’s speculation by putting her best face on when she returns to work.

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