Ransomware: Hackers ask ransom for charity

group hacker It went viral after running a ransomware attack and demanding ransom from charities.

this type ransomware has been present in India and is done with a software called goodwill (goodwill). How does “Robin Hood” act in this case?

Do three good deeds

According to an Indian cybersecurity company CloudSEK, hackers are not asking for money in cryptocurrencies as is usually the case in most of these types of attacks, but are asking companies to do three good deeds in society.

According to observed attacks, they even ask to donate new clothes to the homeless, buy food and lunch for children without resources or even pay for medical care to people who need it.

So that it can be strengthened, the actor behind it goodwill They asked the company to publish all their good deeds on social networks and ensure that they are “better people” after this attack.

Ransomware in sight

Currently, this type of virtual kidnapping with good deeds is only happening in India.

Nonetheless, the attack by ransomware or data piracy is growing in 2021 and more and more companies are paying to recover confidential information from these hacks.

According to data from cybersecurity firm Sophos, attacks from ransomware organizations increased to 66%, a 29% increase compared to the 2020 attack rate. Organizations in Austria, Australia, Malaysia, India, and the Czech Republic experienced the highest average percentage of attacks, while organizations in South Africa, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and the US experienced the lowest average percentage of attacks.

Sophos shows that cybercrime operations are becoming more professional: they are successful in encrypting data in 65% of all attacks, an 11% increase from the 2020 success rate. The data, but using it for extortion, has fallen from 7% to 4% in 2020 , and threats of data breaches are used to achieve payments.

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