Regencycore and champagne: wedding dresses like “Bridgerton”

Dress like a bygone era and salon like a fairy tale – no wonder the “Bridgerton” series inspires many wedding celebrations and especially bridal attire.

If you’ve heard of the Netflix series “Bridgerton,” you’ll no doubt understand why the 2022 wedding dress is headed that way. And for those who don’t know:

The streaming platform’s romantic series takes place in Great Britain, sometime between 1810 and 1820, during the Regency period, and the mode shown there is called “regencycore”.

Within this trend, you can find royal-style dresses, baby dolls, robes, Mary Jane shoes and crystal jewelry, as well as beaded hair bands. Everything is very romantic, cheerful and a lot of decoration.

Actually, this fashion doesn’t really match the rest on display in stores, but therein lies its charm.

While planning a small party is already tied up with insecurities caused by the coronavirus pandemic, “regencycore” mode is something to dream about: lavish parties, tea gatherings and receptions and one we may never get to live with. .

This romantic fiction series revolves around trying to fix the marriages of girls old enough to marry, as they move from one dance to another in London’s high society.

And, in this way, this fashion style is perfect for weddings, where things are always a little more beautiful, fairy tale and romantic than in everyday life. And the bride wore a dress that, at best, they would wear once in a lifetime.

What does this mean for dresses this season? “In today’s wedding fashion, you see a lot of party dresses and silhouettes that accentuate the figure,” says Kerrin Wieser of the German Wedding Planners Association.

Wiesener says that currently, low-cut necklines are not in great demand. But there are dresses with high cuts or slits in the legs, which can expose the skin, depending on the movement, hinting at the sensuality it deserves.

It should be noted that for a long time there have been no major trends in bridal fashion. The specialty shops were rated “various” by the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Braut & Bräutigam” (boyfriend & girlfriend) Susann Lippe-Bernhard.

“There are dresses that look like real princesses, as well as dresses for the bride with a clear look,” she said. And the trend revolves not only in new styles of dress, but especially in relation to details.

For example, sleeveless dresses, which have recently been seen in business a lot and are in great demand. Now the detail is added that these sleeves are removable, says wedding planner Jacqueline Exel. “That makes the dress really versatile, so to say the least, it’s two ‘looks’ in one.”

Because often the sleeves are so intricately designed that they represent the overall style of the dress, such as flared sleeves made of sheer fabric, extra-long trumpet sleeves with embroidery or balloon tulle sleeves.

And speaking of versatile dresses: “Skirts worn during the day for wedding ceremonies and taken off at night at parties are also in high demand,” says Jacqueline Exel.

In addition, for a rather modest and fitted dress, there is, for example, a floor-length layer of delicate tulle or lace, which temporarily changes the “look”.

Dress designers often turn to satin and silk, crepe, and see-through chiffon. Apart from the classic white, there are also many bridal styles in cream or champagne tones.

And also dresses in “blush” tones, a name that comes from the cosmetic area and refers to a soft pink color for the cheeks. Therefore, we return to the mainland in “regencycore” and in “Bridgerton”: so pastel and pink the world depicted there. In other words, perfect for a romantic wedding.


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