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Roman Abramovich, owner Chelsea, haven’t been to an English club’s headquarters at Stamford Bridge in recent times. As an entrepreneur, there has been speculation that his absence was due to labor issues and not a state ban. After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out, The Sun newspaper had revealed that the tycoon was barred from entering Britain and that “it is unlikely he will be allowed to rebuild himself in Great Britain” because of the ties that link him to Vladimir Putin.

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According to information from the media, immigration officials will have clear instructions not to let Chelsea’s chief executive pass onto British soil, something that has happened in the past, since Abramovich’s visa was withdrawn in 2018 amid another crisis: diplomatic tensions between Britain and the United Kingdom. Russia.

Why this happened? Because of Abramovich’s alleged relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This, plus the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, will prevent the Chelsea owners from staying in England. Likewise, he won’t be able to get British citizenship either, according to The Sun.

On the other hand, Labor MP Chris Bryant claimed he had “leaked 2019 documents from the Home Office in relation to Roman Abramovich”. According to the account, for the Ministry, Abramovich “continues to be of interest because of his relationship with the Russian state and its public association with corrupt activities and practices.”

The truth is that Abramovich has not appeared for Chelsea in recent months and with this information corroborated that neither will he in the next. However, this in no way interferes with the functioning of the club, which is already thinking about next season with the possible signing of Jules Kundé.

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