Rubn Castro: his wish to retire at Real Betis and praise for Pepe Mel

Rubén Castro is an institution, a legend at Real Betis Balompié. His 148 goals and 35 assists in 290 games supported a successful and long-lasting career, as Castro, at the age of 40, refused to hang up his boots.

As he explained in an interview at Country, forward current from FC Cartagena He said he was in no rush to make the decision to retire. “I’m feeling fine and if anyone is feeling good, why not continue? It’s clear to me that the older I get, the more I have to take care of myself. I don’t know. Last year I thought about it and I have it last one more. Now I’m thinking the same thing. If I go over 15 goals why would I leave it if I’m fine? I’m already 12. Let’s see how I finish. This year I even had the chance to play in the First Division, but in Cartagena I feel comfortable.”

Questioned by what was lacking in his career, the canary made it clear his feeling of being a part of Real Betis. “I want to retire at Betis. I will go to the national team once. I think Del Bosque is the coach. I have hopes, but I am aware of the great strikers who are always present in Spanish football.”

Ruben Castro are in the TOP 5 professional goalscorers in Spanish, along with legends like Quini, Zarra, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, whom he speaks very calmly and he wants to have some of their qualities. “About Zarra and Quini I’ve heard a lot of things, of course. Two classic finishers, from that area. From Cristiano I wanted to have the mentality of always wanting to be the best and Messi the talent. He doesn’t need to practice, he has it since birth. I’ve always known how to find life in the area. I was never a physical footballer. I always like to face. Even though I am a centre-forward, I also play from the wings. Mel likes to put me there when we lose. Like Juanmi now”.

He also thanked Pepe Mel. “He knows that he has a lot of coaches, but not many (30). One year in Las Palmas we have four in one season. We were relegated to Second B and I was the top scorer in that category. I definitely don’t have one like Mel. Since he brought me to Rayo, when I was on loan from Deportivo and then at Betis and Las Palmas, he has always understood me well and brought out the best in me.”

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