Samsung Wallet: this is the company’s new app that tries to overshadow Google’s version | Technology

It seems that Google Wallet has presented a great competitor: Samsung has updated its payments app and is now called Samsung Wallet. We explain to you what’s new.

In 2011, Google created Google Wallet to function as an NFC payment app and as a place to store your digital cards. But in 2018, he combined Google Wallet and Android Pay and created Google Pay. Since then, the service has become the app to make NFC payments and the place to manage your digital wallet par excellence.

Well, this great tech announced the relaunch of Google Wallet as the only place where you can store all your payment cards, documents and passes, however, it hasn’t reached the public yet, despite the hype that Google announced it and plates during Google I/O. 2022 in May.

Now Samsung has followed in their footsteps combines Pay and Pass in one service also called Samsung Wallet. Of course, the big difference from one company to another is that these apps are readily available for updating.

That is, it does not appear as a new application itself, but as a Samsung Pay Update, make the transition easier for everyone. From the application itself, or on your websitehas posted a notification to all users announcing the news.

The new app will be new place to store all your cardss payments, airline tickets, health or vaccination records, and even cryptocurrency passwords and credentials. If you have a car with this type of key, you can also store it here.

everything is protected by Samsung Knox, which is nothing more and nothing less than the company’s secure environment for its mobile devices. Depending on the data you want to access, you must first authenticate using biometrics or a screen lock PIN.

The new system is now available in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK if you have Samsung with Android 9 Pie or higher.

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