Sir Tony Blair, the peerage that raised the spirits of England

  • More than 600,000 people have called for the honor that the queen bestowed on the former prime minister, whom they consider personally responsible for the Iraq war, to be revoked.

An honorary title recently bestowed by the Queen Isabel II to the former prime minister Tony Blair has reopened old wounds in great Britain. Appointment of former Labor Party leader as knights of the Order of the Garter, the highest decoration that the British Crown can bestow, has caused deep protest reaction to one of the main responsible Iraq war in 2003. In just four days, more than 600,000 people they have signed an ‘online’ petition demanding that the honor be withdrawn from someone accused of being “responsible for the deaths of countless civilians and soldiers” and for “war crimes for which they are held accountable.” That expremier English lie to parliament when he forced his deputy to give the green light to enter the war ensured that the Iraqi dictator Sadam Housein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

The Most Noble Order of the Garter is the oldest and most important knight order in England. King Edward III founded it in 1348 and today is representative of European monarchies, including kings Felipe VI. It is tradition that such distinctions fall on the former prime minister of the UK. Sir Tony has been waiting 14 years by the queen since he left office. The predecessor, conservative John Major, received the same honor in less than eight years. Time travel has not cooled the popular animosity towards Blair. The decision as to who becomes part of the group of 24 knights and women of the order is a personal and exclusive matter of the ruler unlike other appointments in the Crown’s annual award list where proposals are presented by the current government.

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Johnson’s Silence

Boris Johnson so far quietly silent about the controversy. current Labor Leader, Keir Starmer (who also holds the title sir from his previous job as a lawyer before entering politics), has stated that “Sir Tony” se “have won knighthood. This is in stark contrast to what the Petitioners thought. “Tony Blair is the last person to deserve public honor, especially a gift from Her Majesty the Queen.” However, the protesters have very little chance of getting the British monarch to change his mind. The popular petition has also not been addressed to Parliament, so it will not be discussed in the House of Commons.

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