The app that turns your phone into a mobile radar

Mobile app Speedcam Everywhere Ha let go of controversy in England, because it allows every citizen reports speeding to the authorities.

In response, many english driver he imposed on the creator applicationwho has been hiding their identity for afraid for revenge.

How does it work

Designed by engineers and specialists in artificial intelligence, applications Speedcam Everywhere it’s very easy to use. That application catch the number plate vehicle through the phone camera, and then search for the information needed to know the brand and model in public database.

With that data (including wheelbase), artificial intelligence compare videos created by the app with recorded image in the road section database. After all these operations, he was able to determine whether the vehicle drive faster than is allowed.

App screenshot

Report the perpetrator

Apart from checking which vehicle is speedingthat application generate detailed factual reports for users to can submit it to the competent authority, and that they are proceeding to lift sanctions against drivers. What has it become release anger to company personnel.

“I can understand both sides, but I think if there is a speed limit, the law obliges both of them to comply how to enforce it,” said one of the company’s managers, named Sam. “Not this one personal revenge against anyone, but our way is safer. Every year there is 20,000 seriously injured in great BritainHow can we reduce it? I think the best way to reduce it is to prevent speeding,” he added.

Problem with distribution store

In addition, the application cause controversy on the Application distribution platform, Google Play and App Store. Google refuses to publish it on the Play Store claiming that That’s not possible estimated speed AI-only vehicles. However, the company proved otherwise and now the app can be purchased at Google Play Store.

It has also been developed iOS versionbut Apple still haven’t approved the distribution yet and did not provide a reason for the delay.

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