The ban on selling iPhones is getting closer

Apple has infringed on 12 Ericsson 5G patents, and the company isn’t taking it very well…

Apple may find itself in a tough spot due to a recent lawsuit by the company Ericsson. According to the latter, the people from Cupertino would violate some patent agreements, which will put iPhone in a rather dangerous situation As for its sales in several countries where Ericsson has started moving its chips due to claims of patent infringement.

The region where Ericsson already started implementing its precautionary measures in Brazil and the Netherlands. In addition, these measures are expected to continue to be extended to other European countries; The UK has been identified as a very likely next destination, according to statements by several experts.

Violation of these 12 patents could result in iPhone sales being banned in many areas of the world. apple will has refused to pay the fees charged by Ericsson after deeming them excessive. For this, Apple has also filed a lawsuit against Ericsson, and given that Apple owns the patent used by Ericsson, the two find themselves with a noose around their necks.

Ericsson keeps pressing Apple

Ericsson doesn’t let go of Apple’s strap. According to comments from Foss Patents, the company has sued Apple in three other countries. This is something Cupertino absolutely does not like, and it is precisely what they are trying to avoid.

Ericsson has disclosed to Juve Patent that it has filed several patent infringement actions (on technology including but not limited to 5G) against Apple in three German courts:

  • That Munich Regional Court I (the world’s leading headquarters for patent filings),
  • That Regional Court de Mannheim (the closest to Munich in every way),
  • That Duesseldorf Regional Court (which, according to the Juve Patent, has assigned case numbers 4b O 4/22 and 4b O 5/22 to the Ericsson lawsuit, meaning that Judge Dr. Daniel Voss (“Voß” in German), preferably as the patent holder, will lead the case).

Other lawsuits have been filed in the District Court of The Hague (in the Netherlands) and in courts in Brazil.”

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