The only thing missing is money for Montesinos to sell Castellón to Maxi López… and for Bruixola to return

Castello. Another week has passed and the sale CD Castellon still not closed. Of course, the project led by the former footballer is true Maxi Lopez together with Argentine businessmen Christian Codomawith business in great Britainhas taken a step forward to seek good definitive of Vincent Montesinos.

Last Wednesday, as you have learned Castellon Lapangan Fieldthe last meeting between the two sides took place, after which the terms of the final agreement were agreed… in the absence of a transfer the economic amount demanded by Albinegro’s largest shareholder, estimated at two million euros .

Despite the fact that from within the club there is an optimistic message about the possibility of making a formal agreement before the end of this week, this has not happened and the final details are awaited, undoubtedly the most important, the payoff.

Bruixola… and brother Montesinos

Maxi López contacted CD Castellón via Valencia agent Jose Seguiwhich acts as a bridge next door Jordi Bruixola. Despite the fact that in his day he signed up for his departure to Burgos to join the project Victor Onate you David Villa With the support of Japanese capital, in fact, if the purchase by Maxi López is successful, Valencia will remain in its position as the main executive position of the black-and-white entity.

The deal takes into account the departure of Vicente Montesinos, who is already very tired and wants to step aside. His brother won’t follow in his footsteps Carlos MontesinoBruixola’s main supporter at the club and who has supported him at all times after being excluded from sporting decisions after being relegated to the first RFEF.

Both, together Angel Dealbert, Xavi Galvan you Oscar Cano (later albinegro coach) they formed the Sports Commission which was devoured by professional football and an almost infinite series of horrific sporting decisions that caused the club to suffer a painful decline. Now, Bruixola wants to keep Carlos Montesinos at the club and this duo could be the pivot of a new project.

Force exit and contact with players

If this operation is confirmed, the output of Ramon Villaverde, nachos vilaroig you Pepe Mascarell from CD Castellon. A man who has played an important role in the marketing, business and economics of the entity in recent years. The sporting plot will once again have Bruixola as a key player in the decisions, although a new sporting direction may come, perhaps, with José Seguí as the strong man.

In fact, Bruixola and Carlos Montesinos have been in contact with coaches and players in recent weeks and, in some cases, without prior consultation with sports management. It is clear that even some of the names that have emerged are not convincing in the current sporting area from a sporting point of view and there have been strange situations where some football agents have received double calls from the Castalia club, from Bruixola and from Fernando Gomez.

For all of this, the two key people of the Centurion project as Dealbert you Paul Hernandez They have yet to make a public statement, despite the fact that they disagree at all with the situation the club is facing due to the economic, sporting and social blockade for nearly two months.

Offer abroad for Emilio

Faced with this lack of definition, some have lost their temper. mario ship you Danny Torres they are tired of waiting. physical therapist Christian Accountant received an offer from Udinese italy and Emilio Isiertethe second coach of last season, as this newspaper has learned, had an important offer from abroad, which was not to accompany Jose Luis Oltra, and in fact he had been trying to validate his federative qualifications as a technician in order to be able to accept the offer and process the license registration in the country as a first step in his departure.

In short, more and more playing time against the future of the club, which is in a few days celebrating its centenary. Hopefully this will happen without the club’s institutional blockade… which can be very expensive.

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