The robotic vacuum cleaner decided to ‘escape’ from a hotel and caused a stir on social networks

Staff believe the device may have moved and “could be found anywhere.”

PREPARATION.- A robotic vacuum cleaner who used to clean floors in a hotel in Cambridge, England, ‘escaped’ from its establishment, and became a hero on social media. The device did not stop at the building’s front door as planned and hit the street late Thursday, local media reported.

“Today one of our new robotic vacuum cleaners left us for the rest of its life,” wrote the deputy director of hotel company Travelodge. “Usually they feel the edge at the entrance and turn around, but this one decided to run,” said one of the managers.

Staff believe the device may have moved and “could be found anywhere.” Twitter users expressed their interest in the story of a “free spirit” who decided to end his “life” and encouraged him in every possible way.

Some hope the vacuum will enjoy its journey, as it “has no natural predators.” Meanwhile, others assumed that he could voluntarily clean the city streets.

The hotel manager arranged a search for the device, urging residents to return it if they found it, after explaining that without a charging station it was useless.

Also, Internet users joked that what happened could be the start of a machine uprising, but the fears were unfounded, as the vacuum cleaner was found the next day under a bush.

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