The sport that England made for the world

  • Seven sports discovered in England
  • Football, tennis and golf are the most relevant around the world

Great Britain has over the years been the cradle of many of the sports practiced today around the world; football, tennis, golf, rugby, cricket, badminton and squash have British roots. FOOTBALL Originating in the British Isles, football began to be consolidated as the sport we know today as early as 1863, when “Rugby-Soccer” was separated in England so that each discipline could take its own course, with its specific rules. The English Football Association was formed as the sport’s first governing body, and thus, the rules of the game began to be forged. Starting with the Cambridge Laws, football progressed, passing a law that dictated, in 1912, to prevent the goalkeeper from touching the ball outside the penalty area; In 1970 the referee implemented the use of yellow and red cards, and more recently, in 1995 the awarding of three substitutions in official matches, and the application of technology since 2006. TENNIS More than 140 years ago, in London the equipment and rules of tennis were registered, which were adapted to the creations of man, as well as himself. The “All England” club, founded in 1868, is where grass tennis was first played. The first tournament, called the “All England” Club and the “Lawn Tennis” team in 1877, consisted of a total of 22 men, in which the entry requirement was the cooperation of one pound, plus their own racket and shoes. . With Wimbledon as the site of the oldest tennis tournament, the Grand Slam was formed, which only accepted novice players until 1968, two years later, the competition was unified around the world, causing sports professionals to join in as well. , created the Professional Tennis Association (ATP). GOLF St Andrews, located on the east coast of Scotland, is the birthplace of golf. It was in this city that the Old and Royal Golf Club was created, where the rules of this sport were written and marked as they are known today. The British Open is the oldest tournament, since 1860 for its first edition, to be held in Prestwick; the winner does not receive any money, but a “Challenge Belt” alert. RUGBY It originated more than 150 years ago, when William Webb Ellis, who disagreed with the rules of football, took the ball in his hands and ran with it. Subsequently, the Rugby World Cup was created, an event that has managed to position itself as one of the biggest on the planet. Cricket The British sport, consisting of two teams of eleven players, which as a game instrument had a bat and a ball, expanded to various colonies with the growth of the British Empire. PUMPKIN Born as a drill by convicts of the Fleet Prison in London, where with racquets they threw balls at cell walls. Squash was spotted and brought to British schools, so in 1864 it was declared a sport and the first field was built. BADMINTON In 1873 it was named a party by the Duke of Beaufort, where he introduced his friends as “The Game of Badminton.” Four years later the rules were written.

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