The veteran received his first red card after 489 games: – Disappointing

SARPSBORG (VG) Defending champion Odd has never received a red card or been quarantined. In his 489th mandatory match for the Ski Club, Steffen Hagen (36) received his marching orders for the first time.

DISAPPOINTED: Steffen Hagen on his way out of the Sarpsborg stadium.

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Thus, he lost tonight’s match against Molde at Aker Stadion at 19.00.

Humble, but determined, captain Odd said on Sunday what he thinks about the referee and the red card – after the 0-1 loss to Sarpsborg on Saturday 7 May.

Judge Mohammad Usman Aslam, for his part, was clear that Hagen deserved two yellow cards.

  • Hagen received the number one yellow card after Sarpsborg scored the winner when Kristian Fardal Opseth headed in a corner from Anton Salétros. Replays showed that there should have been no corner kicks. Hagen protested and received a yellow card.
  • 94 minutes had passed when he received a yellow card for challenge stud first.
YELLOW NUMBER TWO: Mohammad Usman Aslam made a second yellow card of the day for Steffen Hagen.

– It was very disappointing, because the referee made a big mistake so they scored. And he has plenty of time to change his mind, Steffen Hagen told VG and other media in the interview zone at Sarpsborg Stadium.

– I’ve played nearly 400 games in the Eliteserien without receiving a yellow card for talking to the referee, continued the southerner.

“Now hold on”

– All the other judges say “it’s okay now, Steffen” when they have had enough with me. Here I got a yellow card before I got it. And after all, I’m a captain. “It shows a poor understanding of the game,” said Steffen Hagen.

About the second yellow card he said:

– It’s definitely defensible, but he also has to show understanding of the game, because Sarpsborg players can never reach the ball. Also none of the sharp players complained or wanted me to get a yellow card. He could only say that “it’s only two minutes left, now you’re away from the rest of the game”.

– But he clearly wants to use the whole deck today, sighed Steffen Hagen.

First quarantine

– This will be my first red card, my first quarantine. I also didn’t get a red card at the Court time, but there I got a yellow card for talking, even though I didn’t speak. But that was 20 years ago!

Judge Mohammad Usman Aslam also took time to the interview area, where VG and NRK were waiting for him.

– I haven’t spoken to Steffen yet, but I consider both situations a yellow card.

– Hagen disappointed that he wasn’t allowed to talk to you after the goal?

– I experienced that Steffen and I had a great tone along the way, but there he approached me demonstratively and disagreed with the decision. He was very firm with me as a judge. I considered it unsportsmanlike and gave me a yellow card.

– He said he didn’t have time to talk to you?

– I experienced that he gestured and disagreed with the decision. It was a protest that gave a yellow card.

– How did you get the second yellow card?

– I would describe it as a clear offense where Steffen enters in a ruthless manner.

PS! Sarpsborg collected 10 points in five matches and is in 3rd position. When asked if the team was a medal candidate, Swedish team veteran Guillermo Molins replied: – Yes! Since I came here for the first time, I have said that there is tremendous potential in this team. It seems to be in the field now.

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