They assert that Macri’s minister was drunk after sealing the treaty with Britain for the Malvinas

In the story, a former British official says that when he arrived in Buenos Aires, he was in the warehouse meeting the British embassy with Foradori, and that he was “so drunk” that he forgot what he had agreed to when he woke up. the next morning. .

Argentina’s former deputy foreign minister denied to Declasiffied that he was drunk at the time of sealing an important deal for both countries, on a sensitive issue like the Malvinas.

The memoirs of Sir Alan Duncan, British Secretary of State for America recently published between 2016 and 2019, have as one of the central points of the diplomat’s account of the “historic” treaty between Great Britain and Argentina at that time.

Carlos Foradori.

Carlos Foradori.

The book entitled “In the Thickness” (“In the middle of it,” according to the translation), Duncan points out that on 12 September 2016, he met the “amazing” new British ambassador in Argentina, Mark Kent. He explained that under the embassy residence “There’s an incredible cellar with walls lined with bottles of Merlot (wine).” Therefore, “the setting was quite good for the meeting and we met there with Carlos Foradori, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs”he shows.

In the book, Duncan confirms that “for a million reasons, Argentine cooperation is necessary for any connection across the mainland” to the Malvinas. “As bottle after bottle was moved from the cellar walls to the table, the negotiations got better. Around 2 am we shook hands by mutual agreement”, he explained.

what happened the next day

The central point of the story is September 13th. The day after the meeting at the embassy warehouse, Duncan wrote: “Mark Kent said Foradori just called to say he was so drunk last night he can’t remember all the details. Like a true Englishman, Mark reminded him of what he had agreed to, faithfully and unadorned. So I think we’re still on the right track.”revealed.

Carlos Foradori denied Alan Duncan’s published “memories” of the events at the warehouse, and told Declassified that “what he describes there is absolutely fantastic.”

The former Argentine deputy minister explained that the joint statement of the deal was “too long to be formulated overnight.” He added that the different levels of authorization required within Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs “prevent any official or diplomat from arbitrarily deciding on any issue, especially a sensitive one like Malvinas,” because “every issue analyzed in the declaration needs to be validated later in the declaration.” formal agreement”.

Mark Kent, who is now the executive director of the Scotch . Whiskey Associationdid not respond to questions from the British media about the 2016 version of the meeting, when he was ambassador to Argentina.

Last week, Foreign Secretary Susana Malcorra met with Britain’s Deputy Foreign Secretary, Alan Duncan.

Last week, Foreign Secretary Susana Malcorra met with Britain's Deputy Foreign Secretary, Alan Duncan.

Last week, Foreign Secretary Susana Malcorra met with Britain’s Deputy Foreign Secretary, Alan Duncan.

Currently there is only one flight to Malvinas, departing from Chile, and stopping every two weeks at the Río Gallegos. “Argentine airlines are prohibited from flying to the islands,” British media said.

Guillermo Carmona, Argentina’s minister for Malvinas and the South Atlantic, told Declassified: “The policies of the Macri government, following Foradori’s intervention, could have serious consequences for Argentina’s position in Malvinas.”.

Of the disclosures related to the winery, Carmona added: “I’m not surprised at all,” adding that “Foradori must be held accountable for what he said and did.” And he added: “At that time, we asked for Foradori’s resignation because we believed he had done things that were not appropriate, and had it not been for Parliamentary opposition, the consequences could have been very serious.”

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