They caught a “ghost” ‘running’ on camera and it became the “best paranormal video” of 2021

The ghost that should be “caught” by surveillance cameras, when “correteaba” through the home page and pictures it has caused the biggest controversy on social networks and psychics experts have cataloged it as “best ghost videos” from 2021.

According to international media, the paranormal incident happened to Suzanne Farnham, from the town of Upper Hellesdon, in Norfolk, England. The video has a recording date, from the past December 12 at 4:35 am.

The president of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) Chris Romer, assured, after viewing the video, that it was “best videos about ghosts” arrested during 2021. “I really want to be a fairy. They manifest as light like that. Ghosts appear as balls. I’m blown away now”, said the expert, after realizing how strange “light”.

Now, he explained that it could also be something of a meteorological nature given to events related to the mysterious Norfolk light, which they can also be captured by camera sensitivity.

While David Sivier, a well-known phenomenon researcher, admits that Britain may have a culture that is thick with folklore about ghost lights and ghost lights. “corpse candle” and what the possibility that the truth of videos, checked.

The woman who shot the video was Suzanne and she assured that “never believe” in this kind of event, but after visualizing what was happening on his terrace, while he was sleeping, made him hesitate.

“I don’t even really believe in paranormal stuff, but one of my neighbors has a camera and he doesn’t get this. If it was someone walking the other camera would have caught it.” pointed at the woman.

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