TikTok not only bets on Live, but also on direct purchases

Indeed at Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok and also owned by ByteDance, direct selling has become a huge cultural event that generates huge business for retailers, content creators and platforms.

TikTok also sees the potential of entrepreneurs

During the conference, a spokesperson for the company emphasized that TikTok is not a social network, but an entertainment platform that big brands and entrepreneurs must understand to take advantage of its potential.

“Businesses have to understand the platform’s communication code and take advantage of it,” Mendici said, about not advertising it, but creating videos that honor the essence of the trend. Likewise, it announced the integration of new tools in the near future to enhance scheduled content from brands and small businesses.

Annette Sánchez, director of global business marketing in Mexico, also highlighted that a guide will be launched for SMEs with basic and advanced information for creating and leveraging strategies in platforms that support their businesses.

Similarly, he suggested that SMEs should be transparent and honest about what brand they want to build on TikTok, their entrepreneur or business brand, as clarity in this aspect will determine the community they want to connect with.

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