Tokstad despair after big bang in goalless game

DRAMMEN (VG) (Strømsgodset – Odd 0-0) Strømgodset winger Kristoffer Tokstad (31) was one of the few to squander opportunities. So it ended goalless at Marienlyst.

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Just after the break, the biggest chance of the match fell to the left wing of the host. Johan Hove shot to control, and Tokstad Mutters stood alone at the back post.

The goal was more or less wide open, but the ball slipped from his feet and instead slid half a meter to the side of the post. He told VG he looked away from the linesman and almost wished the flag was offside.

– I’ve thought about it, Tokstad said when asked if there would be a few extra hours tonight.

– I saw one and two finish there, said team captain Gustav Valsvik.

When neither teammate nor opponent could get the ball into the net, visitors Odd drew for the first time this season. They have six wins and seven losses before this game.

– We can’t score. “That’s the only reason we won’t win this game,” Godset’s Lars-Jørgen Salvesen told Eurosport.

– Odd troubled us at 5-4-1. There wasn’t enough quality from us in the box to score. Taken separately, this is a battle we must win. This is disappointing. “Now there are two games where we haven’t scored a goal,” continued Salvesen.

Strømsgodset lost 1-0 in the lethargy last time out.

DISAPPOINTED: Kristoffer Tokstad had a great chance to send Strømsgodset the lead shortly after the break.

Nearest Kitolano

For Odd, it was Joshua Kitolano who was clearly the closest to scoring – first when he headed a completely unmarked ball just outside the post in the first half, then when Viljar Myhra saved with a powerful hand after a fine run by the inside runner .

Strømsgodset hit repeatedly into the visitors’ box, but Lars-Jørgen Salvesen was saved by goalkeeper Odd. He asked for a penalty on several occasions, but it was never accepted by referee Daniel Higraff.

Minutes before the end, Godset captain Gustav Valsvik came close to scoring with a powerful long shot, but Odd goalkeeper Leopold Wahlstedt picked up with his left hand and saved it brilliantly.

– It’s solid to keep a clean sheet here, Odds Steffen Hagen told Eurosport.

– We’ve been pretty solid lately. We also had some chances to win. And then it’s important to refuse to avoid backtracking at the end. We’re here primarily to pick up points.

– Half satisfied

Godset coach Håkon Wibe-Lund explained to VG that he is not a good fortune teller:

– I said when I left the house that at least it wouldn’t be 0-0, he said half satisfied.

– Sometimes it gets a little stale when two offensive teams meet. Now it could have been a goal, but it was a pretty balanced and tactical game. That’s a bit of chess football that ended in a draw, summarizes coach Odd Pål Arne “Paco” Johansen.

Captain Gustav Valsvik disappointed that there was no win:

– We have the potential to score goals. Otherwise, it’s a solid performance. “It’s a shame we didn’t get that goal,” said Valsvik.

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