Tottenham match postponed due to snow

The London club confirmed that Sunday’s settlement with Burnley has been postponed.

The game between Burnley and Tottenham was due to kick off on Sunday at 15.00, but now it’s clear nothing will happen.

This was confirmed by both clubs on Twitter.

– We can confirm that today’s game against Burnley has been postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions, Tottenham wrote in a brief press release.

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte seems pleased that the game has been postponed.

– I believe that in these conditions it is not football. I want to play football, have fun and show emotion. “In this situation, it is impossible, and there is a serious risk that the players will get injured,” Conte said.

The course crew had been working long hours to make the course playable until 3pm, but eventually had to give up and realized that was impossible.

Conte may be hoping to fight back this weekend, after Thursday’s humiliating Conference League defeat to Mura of Slovenia.

He and Tottenham will now have to wait with that, and it’s not clear at this point when the game will be played.

Spurs host Brentford next Thursday, while Burnley host Wolves on Wednesday.

It is a violent storm that has devastated England in recent days, and according to Daily mail Three people died after being hit by a tree carried by the wind.

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