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Venezuela on Thursday rejected Britain’s statement about last Sunday’s regional and local elections in the Caribbean nation, after the European country pointed out that the “necessary conditions” for “free and fair elections fell far below standard.” required”.

The Venezuelan executive indicated, in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its refusal, given that the words issued by the UK were an “unacceptable qualification” for the election which, the Ministry of Foreign Relations stressed, was held “by absolute decision”. fairness and decency”.

According to the European country, “although electoral conditions may have improved, and the participation of more opposition parties is welcomed, it is clear that the conditions required for free and fair elections are far below the required standard.”

In addition, he added that opposition candidates were “arbitrarily disqualified, state resources are channeled, and access to the media is skewed in favor of the (Nicolás) Maduro (…) regime there are still serious structural deficiencies that must be addressed.” .

In Venezuela’s opinion, these statements “express hostile political intentions” towards the Government and constitute “unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.”

The Venezuelan executive also urged Britain “to put aside the disrespect, interference and colonial practices that characterize its erratic foreign policy” and called for correction of the “vague content” of its statement.

The executive reminded that all political sectors of the country participated in the elections and had “assistance of more than 300 international observers and observation missions”, such as the European Union, Carter Center or Parlasur, in addition to a panel of UN experts, among others.

He also stressed that Venezuela, “despite the regime change policies promoted by Britain, will continue to strengthen the vitality of participatory democracy and its protagonists.”

According to the latest data, Chavismo won the election in, at least and pending completion of the count, 18 of 23 governors and in 205 of 335 mayors.

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