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You have to stand across the street from the British Parliament to understand that the black painted door with the number 10 Downing Street is part of a very large administrative complex, entrenched and heavily protected by the police, especially these days when the Protests against Boris Johnson are proliferating. . The ambition of the blonde, as the most popular conservative politician in the recent history of the country is known for many years and his only vital goal is to reach the building that is converted to the British Prime Minister.

Paradoxically, what happened in the last few months inside the walls of the residence could end his political career. For example, starting from the Johnsons’ obsession with decorating 11 Downing Street, the private apartment they live in, and also doing so with the most fashionable designer among British celebrities, Lulu Little, for over 100,000 euros they earned. through a billionaire’s donation to the Conservative Party that goes against all rules and all good governance codes of conduct. But other than that, it was in the building’s gardens that Brexit ideologue and adviser to Boris Johnson’s star, Dominic Camins, had to endure an embarrassing session before the press admitting he had taken his wife and son to a state meeting where his father-in-law lived during the first months of confinement. This was already the first scandal, the first sign that the rules were different for the people who lived on Downing Street. This is also where spokeswoman Allegra Stratton, while rehearsing her performance for the media, allowed herself to be filmed making jokes about parties taking place in confinement.

But Boris Johnson’s political future is likely to be decided in another building, the Parliament in Westminster. A growing number of Conservative MPs, deeply upset by the scandal, have sent their resignation letters from distrust to the leadership of the parliamentary group. If the magic number 54 is reached, an internal condemnation movement will automatically activate which could end Johnson’s political career. All of this despite a last minute attempt by his communications team to pull off a survival strategy that, once again, offers a scapegoat to cover up the Prime Minister’s failure. Heads will be rolling for many Downing Street advisors to give a clean impression. And a series of populist policies favored by the hard-wing Conservative Party will be launched. The main thing is convincing Conservative lawmakers that Boris Johnson can still help them win the election, and that looks to be getting harder and harder. The perfect electoral machine, as the Conservative Party has always been called, is ruthless when it comes to removing obstacles. And if they understand that Boris Johnson is a hindrance at this point, it is the deputies themselves who are ending their political careers to save their own.

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