The reason England, Scotland and Wales play football separately, even though they are all from England

The history of these teams begins in 1872, known as the birth of international football, in a story that sheds light on a common question among football fans.

An eternal question haunts fans football, even more so in the months where they are at loggerheads international tournament, where quotas are increasingly debated: Why Gales, Scotland, Northern Ireland e English they play separately despite being part of great Britain?

The explanation can only be found in the period before the birth of the sport in a institutionalizeda, when you still don’t think about it association football as we know it today, independently by country or region.

In fact, you are cfour choices has been the key to progress sport and the way to professionalization which today makes it one of the largest revenue-generating areas in the world.

And the first international clash in history was between these two: English you Scotland, in what can be called classical selection world’s oldest, in 1872, in a match that ended in a draw at 0 but it laid the foundations for what would become international football.

In this way, the two teams began to develop independently, so that then, four years later, the team Gales. Along with this, a decade after the match between the teams from brittany island will be born Ireland, even that 1920 play united under one flag, until the birth Northern Ireland, which in turn will shape their own choices.

32 years after the first meeting between English you Scotland, in 1904, what we know today as international football was born, creating FIFA which will consist of teams like Spain, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, among others, to be added English, Scotland e Ireland.

In this way, there is no doubt that these teams play under one flag, taking into account that the rivalry arose between them before the birth of professional football, something quite different from what happens in the world. Olympic games, where are all great Britain united under one banner.

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