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HEAT: High temperatures await if we believe the weather forecast.

Shadows and fountains are hunted on many streets in Spain. On Sunday, the thermometer showed a full 43 degrees Celsius.

The highest temperature recorded on Sunday was 43 degrees, as measured by the Guadalquivir River near Seville in southern Spain and at Badajoz, in the west of the country, the Spanish Meteorological Institute AEMET said.

And the number is likely to increase.

Therefore, the Meteorological Institute issued a hazard warning on Sunday. A total of eight regions have the highest danger warning, they are in the west and south of the country.

There the temperature can reach 44 degrees.

The heat peak was first announced between July 12 and 14.

DANGER WARNING: Map shows which areas of Spain have been notified of the highest temperatures.

Really extreme

The bright sunshine combined with the warm air coming from North Africa is the cause of the heat wave, the Spanish meteorological agency AEMET said.

But not everyone is enjoying a second heatwave in Spain in less than two months.

– It’s very hot today, said Lisa Cordwell.

Cordwell is originally from Hønefoss but recently moved to the coastal city of Fuengirola in the far south of Spain. The new hometown is just hours from the area that measured 43 degrees on Sunday.

LATE NIGHT: Lisa Cordwell’s friends (left), Michelle Helgesen and Synne Cecilie Kaspersen wait until the sun goes down before going out to eat.

The heat is felt in the body.

Cordwell has seen hand fans everywhere in town and most people don’t go out to eat until late at night.

– Everyone take it easy. We couldn’t bear to go shopping just so mostly swimming.

Cordwell still wasn’t relaxed in the morning.

– Training and walking my dog ​​Molly I have to do before ten, otherwise it’s too hot, he said.

Sweating Fleece: Lisa Cordwell’s dog Molly also needs to bask in the sun.

If the temperature gets higher in the days ahead, there may be a lot of time indoors.

– Then you can not bear to leave the house so often, air conditioning is the alpha omega of all now, he said.

– The best thing now is a cold shower, he added.

The heatwave could last until July 14, according to the Spanish Meteorological Institute.

BATHROOM: Heatwaves also affect our four-legged friend. Bathing is very helpful.

How to survive?

A Guatemalan builder lives in the shade of Madrid’s Casa de Campo Park to escape the heat on Sunday.

“It’s hot, but at least with a light breeze you feel better,” Lazaro Cun, 37, told Reuters.

WATER: A construction worker quenches his thirst in Selville. One of the most important things during a heatwave is to drink enough water.

AEMET spokesman Ruben del Campo told Reuters temperatures could reach 44 degrees in Corboda and Extremadura in southern Spain.

“Temperatures could also reach 42 degrees in parts of the country, including Castille, Leon and Galicia on Tuesday and Wednesday,” he told Reuters.

Del Campo advised people to avoid excessive physical activity, treat the elderly with conditions that make them sensitive to high temperatures, and drink plenty of water.

HEAT WAVES: Meteorologists in Spain provide advice on how to deal with sky-high temperatures.

Fire hazard

High temperatures also increase the risk of forest fires, Del Campo points out.

The area has paid attention to the forces of nature.

In La Rioja in northern Spain, 90 firefighters struggled to contain a fire that started late Saturday, regional authorities said Sunday.

During the previous heatwave in June, a number of wildfires also broke out in the country.

This heat wave came earlier than usual and reached temperatures of 40 degrees.

FIRE: In June, several wildfires broke out in Spain due to a heat wave.

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