Boat on fire: – I’m lucky

Pål Blix-Johansen got off the boat with Otto’s dog, a backpack and some sun-dried clothes. A few minutes later the ship was in full flames.

He told Dagbladet that he thought something electrical might have started the fire.

– Whether it’s the iPad it’s charging or the connection. After all, nothing but electricity can start when the engine is not running.

Now a frigate from the Norwegian Defense Force will try to salvage the wreck, according to Blix-Johansen himself.

ON THE LAND: Pål Blix-Johansen on the pier in Hasvik with Otto. Private photo
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– When I left there were still a few boats left, but what’s left now, I don’t know, he said.

Past iFinnmark who mentioned the problem first.

Lost some possessions

Blix-Johansen had packed up for a three-week vacation, so much of his personal belongings had been included in the trip.

Earlier in July he was at the Riddu Riđđu Festival in Manndalen. It was the last time he wore his Sami jacket.

Family man feared drowning in holiday paradise

Family man feared drowning in holiday paradise

– This spring I got a new Sami kofte, and it caught fire. “I find it very sad, because it is very personal,” he said.

He added:

– But that’s just stuff. Most importantly, me and my dog, Otto, got out. The rest will be an insurance issue, so it will probably be fine.

WARNING: Now Pl Blix-Johansen wants to warn others not to take safety seriously.  Private photo

WARNING: Now Pl Blix-Johansen wants to warn others not to take safety seriously. Private photo
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He was driven to Hasvik where they had spoken to the hotel owner. Despite the fact that the hotel does not have a night staff, they opened their doors to Blix-Johansen.

– He opened the hotel for me, and arranged food and drinks. I have to be there before I have to leave.

Warn others

Now he pays tribute to firefighters, hotel managers, and all the emergency services I spoke to.

– They are very professional and proper. I am very cared for. I feel that I am a bit “busy”, and that helps them to be so calm. “I talk to them all the time, so I’m constantly updated and constantly hear what’s going on,” he said.

Gonna shoot Freya

Gonna shoot Freya

He had now returned to Hammerfest, after what could be called the sudden end of his vacation. Now he wanted to warn others.

– I think, like many other sailors, I don’t take safety completely seriously. I only had one fire alarm, and it was just luck I switched to the new type last year, he said and added:

– You have to think of an escape route. You must have thought of a way to get out if something happened. Please prepare a bag with supplies and dry clothes. Luckily I wasn’t left naked there.

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