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Bees are disappearing en masse, and with them, the thousands of plant species that need them for pollination will disappear.

In the city of Brighton and Hove, in Great Britain, new law forces new homes to lay bricks for bees, as well as a box with a bird’s nest.

This has led to major suppliers of raw materials for construction offering in their catalogs a new type of brick designed for solitary bees to take shelter, and build their nests.

British company blue green, especially committed to the environment, have created this bee bricks, who had a lot of success not only in the new home, but also in the reforms:

Most people still believe for sure myths about bees, it’s time to expel. Their survival, and ours, depends on it.

For example, most people believe that bees live in hives and work in groups. That’s only partly true.

There are dozens of species that are solitary bees. They live and nest in holes, and are responsible for pollination of 1 of every 3 vegetables we consume.

Contrary to what many people think, This solitary bee is harmless. They don’t bite people unless they are in mortal danger, that is, we attack them directly. If we do nothing about them, they will leave us alone, because when a bee stings with its stinger, it dies. So you only use it in extreme cases.

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In short, solitary bees are essential for our survival, and they are also harmless. But disappeared due to pesticides, habitat destruction, and climate change.

That’s why in some cities they implement laws and measures to protect them. In Utrecht (Netherlands), all the stops have a layer of soil and flowers on the roof, so they can survive.

In England they have chosen bricks for bees. These are conventional bricks, of the same shape and size, which have many holes with different sizes.

They are perfect as shelters for solitary bees, such as mason bees or leaf-cutter bees, as they keep them cool in the summer and protect against the cold in the winter. Bees can take shelter at night, and build their nests here.

They proved so successful that many people installed them when doing garden renovations. Green&Blue also sell it with different sizes, and even in pot form, to use it without having to work.

Great idea that we hope to see in our country soon. On Amazon they already have the files, but for now no stock.

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