EthicHub, a Blockchain based platform, closes the buying and selling of coffee with its native Ethix token

Spanish startup EthicHub managed to manage the sale of coffee containers weighing over 18,400 kilos with Coffee roaster Barcelona Cafés Genes, through transactions carried out with blockchain technology through its cryptocurrency Ethix. as they announced in a statement to Cointelegraph Espaol This Tuesday, December 28, 2021.

The transaction coincides with the anniversary of the use of cryptocurrencies which has been a good boost, helping more than 300 Mexican coffee farming families and with the use of blockchain to continue to finance their crops.

The Spanish startup believes in creating a collaborative ecosystem where farmers and Gen Cafes, through the cryptocurrency Ethix and blockchain technology, can boost real and productive economies resulting in social impact.

With EthicHub, unbanked Mexican coffee farmers will be able to access financing loans securely and transparently at lower interest rates.

“We want to provide visibility into Ethix, our social, economic and environmental impact token, so that more people know what is possible today, using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to generate sustainable prosperity where everyone benefits. when interacting”, Gabriela Chang, co-founder of EthicHub, comments.

The sale of this coffee container is a new and big milestone for this social startup. Thanks to this milestone, it is possible to reach out to small farmers and thereby obtain their raw materials, by making transactions with cryptocurrencies that underpin the collaborative ecosystem.

Spanish Startup has become a bridgehead because it is in charge of distributing green coffee from farmers, to large roasters such as the United States, Canada, China and the rest of the UK, as well as selling green coffee to Spanish roasters from its basement which is a storage area in Barcelona.

EthicHub also has a P2P lending platform where anyone in the world can finance agricultural projects and receive a return on investment of between 8% and 10% of the capital invested in the year.

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