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SAVED: A rescue operation was launched by helicopter to rescue 11 people trapped on the island.

They had just taken their annual fishing trip on a small island in the Orkla river in Trndelag. But then the water rose. 11 people had to be rescued by helicopter.

There was a gathering of both family and friends enjoying their annual fishing trip in Trettøya on the Orkla river in the municipality of Orkland on a Saturday night. It is possible to drive a car out to the small island when the water level in the river is low.

Harald Gimseng, 64, said that they keep an eye on the water level in the river around the clock and put a measuring stick in the river, but the river is growing very little.

At 9 pm, the night changed dramatically. While they were fishing and grilling food, the river suddenly started to rise.

– Some of us drive our cars for safe reasons. Or at least that’s what we think, says Tor ge Skinstad.

However, when Skinstad parked his car on land, he saw that the river had become stronger than previously thought and the water was also rising where he was.

Seriousness struck Skinstad when he realized that eleven people were still trapped on the island.

– When we try to get people to safety, I have to put my feet down. It didn’t work, the current was so strong that I would be carried away by it.

– No more than maybe ten minutes, fifteen minutes before the river was so big that it was almost impossible to cross with the waders, said Gimseng.

Past Address the first to mention this problem.

LEFT IN WATER: Four cars were partially submerged after a river rose during a fishing trip at Trettøya in the municipality of Orkland on Saturday evening.

– Trees and logs flowing in the river

When they learn that they need help getting to safety, they first try to find out if any of their acquaintances can help, but soon learn that they must call an emergency number.

– When the rescue team got to the other side of the river, he really grew.

Gimseng explained how the rescue team first tried to cross in an inflatable boat to transport people, but found it unsafe to transport people back again. Then there was a flow and the flow of water was so high in the river that some trees and logs flowed into the river.

Gimseng later said that the rescue team was coming soon and did an amazing job.

– They deserve all the credit they can get. I can barely find the words. That they exposed themselves to so much danger was indescribable.

Since crossing the river was not possible, the rescue team decided to call a rescue helicopter and tow a group of travelers from the island.

– I hoped long enough that they would be able to land a helicopter on the island so we could enter, but to no avail, said Gimseng.

He describes being lifted up as fun, especially when you have a partial fear of heights.

The rescuers were praised for their handling by the family.

On time

Rescue helicopters arrived in a matter of hours. When the operator was lifted into the helicopter, the water reached his ankles. At that time the whole island was flooded.

– The efforts made by fire and rescue are absolutely priceless, said Gimseng.

In addition to the 11 people, there was a dog at the travel party. It must also be lifted by helicopter.

– It was a little difficult on the road, but gradually calmed down. I don’t think it would be too happy to see rescue helicopters again.

– Start getting us

There were 11 people in the traveling group, 6 of whom were fishermen.

One of the 11 was a ten-year-old girl whom Gimseng described as a brave girl who, despite her fear, remained calm during the rescue operation.

Gimseng said that he was fine after that.

– We’ve all met each other today, and it looks like we’re starting to recover from what has happened.

Material damage

The cars they moved across the river were also exposed to a lot of water.

– We didn’t take them with us. Material things come second.

Four cars were partially or completely submerged in water and submerged in water for a long time. When VG contacted Gimseng on the Sunday after the incident, they were still in the process of getting the car out of the puddle. It is uncertain whether it is possible to save the car.

On Saturday evening, police stated that four cars had been left underwater near the island.

BACK: Tor ge Skinstad returned to the area on Sunday to inspect the submerged cars.

Skinstad said he returned to the area on Sunday to inspect four cars, along with police.

– All cars are full of water and must be inspected in a repair shop before they can be started.

– Will you continue this annual tradition?

– Yes, we would probably do that, but we would probably pay more attention to his condition, concludes Tor ge Skinstad.

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