Guantnamo at the main play station

ONE SHOT (rescue mission)

Direction: James Nunn. Movie script: Jamie Russell. Translator: Scott Adkins, Ashley Greene, Ryan Phillippe, Emmanuel Imani and Dino Kelly. Country: Great Britain. 2021. Duration: 96 minutes.

Ehe original title contains the key to what awaits us here. One shot actually mean one time take, shooting 96 minutes long, formal game consisting of real time and film time due to identical chronological units. You know, the game that in 1948, cinematic behavior master Alfred Hitchcock picked it up Rope, a film that builds on the (impossibility of) perfect murder, a problem that troubles him deeply. As is well known, at that time, celluloid and technology did not physically allow such an achievement, so writer Vertigo he manages to cover up the changing of the rollers, making the feat of filming a heretical story in effective continuity.

Furthermore, and especially from digital cinema, several films have been produced under that premise and with different intentions. From the look of a pure goldsmith to noticing the intrinsic nature of that chronological adequacy. in that scenario One shot don’t know anything about the old one rope from Hitchcock. James Nunn, seasoned action filmmaker and director, is driven by one goal: to emulate the feeling of video games.

Acceptance of what the context draws from is highly debatable; a kind of prison camp, Guantánamo type, where life and death are settled by one’s indifference to playing games on Play. As if the key is in real life escape and where it is always possible to restart a lost game.

Without dramaturgy or intent to forge a story, One shot develop situations, missions, war action levels where characters move like digitally created avatars and where nothing is of value. They are pixelated creatures without bones or souls, figures created to kill and die in meaningless slaughter, without reflection, without political or ethical analysis. It makes One shot It can be discarded and replaced by any video game. At least in this case, observers could believe that his abilities could change the course of the adventure.

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