He went to the hospital for a suspected heart attack and his doctor gave him another shocking diagnosis

26 July 2022 – 19:45

Roses, 61, decided to visit the hospital after experiencing chest pain. The woman received medical attention and was later released on suspicion of having a heart attack in the UK.

However, the same doctor who treated him decided to carry out further tests, eventually finding that have stage one lung cancer.

The situation causes confusion in the patient, because he does not smoke and is not at risk of developing this serious disease, although, in parallel, optimistic, because the diagnosis came on timereport BBC World.

What did the woman say?

In this sense, Rosie states that “I’m told all the time how lucky I am to be found so early“.

At the same time, the patient appreciates the use of this state-of-the-art technology, which allows him not to neglect the tests that have to be performed on this disease.

CT scan

Accordingly, the Somerset Wiltshire Avon forum and the Gloucestershire Cancer Alliance (SWAG) have created a website offering the possibility of undergoing a CT scan, which aims to find small tumors in the lungs.

The exams will be conducted in community settings and will be aimed at some 27,000 people, aged between 55 and 74, living in the western part of the country.

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