In Guanajuato they analyze including financial education at the elementary level

Leon, Guanajuato.- /

The local representative for the Citizens Movement, Dessire ngel Rocha, presented an initiative before the Guanajuato Congress in which strive to incorporate good practice in basic education study programs, adopted at the international level, on financial education.

Legislators point out that most decisions made every day have some direct or indirect impact on personal and/or family finances, which is important for having access at an early age to educational programs. covering aspects of financial education.

He added that the importance of education has a great impact, for example that in various countries various public policies have been promoted so that citizens can access solid and quality financial education, citing several success stories such as: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, England, and Sweden.

“As one might appreciate, many of the world’s most important economies have promoted public policies so that children and youth have access to financial education programs so that those who study today can develop sustainable and successful companies tomorrow with the tools at their disposal. gain from their first years of life”, he said.

ngel Rocha points out that, according to data from the World Bank, financial inclusion allows individuals and legal entities to have access to a variety of products that will be useful and affordable to meet their needs and which will be used to develop responsible financial habits.

“A comprehensive approach needs to be included in the financial education of our country’s students, so that in the future they have the necessary tools to have sound finances, both personally and in a business environment,” he stressed.

Finally, the deputy raised the possibility that the initiative may make it possible to enter into agreements with public or private institutions, so that they can contribute to skills development in financial education.

The initiative was submitted to the Commission on Education, Science and Technology and Culture for review and opinion, and then submitted to the Plenary Session of the Congress.



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