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three new companies reported joining test program to have one four working days a weekin an attempt to discover if it is a solution for a better balance between work and personal life.

Pilot study that is part of the campaign 4 Day Week Campaignstarting in 2022 in the UK with more than 500 employees under this new regime. For the activists who promoted the movement, they demonstrated that it would bring benefits such as lower unemployment, better employee health and well-being and includes beneficial impact on the environment.


Regarding the latest company to join the four working day campaign is Rabbit Cagea video game developer who owns 120 employees, Yo Telecom which has a template 90 people you MBL Seminar with 70 people at your expense.

Your workers will now have a work week of only four days in which they must fulfill a total 32 hours without your paycheck affectedbut with the commitment that you productivity level will remain the same. The program will start in June and will last for six months.

Nathan Hanslip, CEO of Yo Telecom, explained that they hope the additional day off will benefit their team and improve factors such as productivity, job satisfaction, and general well-being. The phone and Wi-Fi system company is primarily hoping to improve its customer service with the move.

As the popularity of the event continues to increase, test organizers are already considering increasing the number business participants from 30 to 50. Currently, there are 10 companies that are on the list to definitively enroll in the program or who have suggested that they are in the final details of doing so.

Cases like London landmarksfive-star hotels, and Atomic Banka company dedicated to application development, which manages the system for four working days on its own.


The four-day work week is a project run by academics from cambridge college you Oxford in England, as well as Boston University United States together with experts from Autonomy.

About the platform 4 days a week originally founded by Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart following the successful launch of its program in Perpetual Guardian in 2018 and attracting significant attention.

In their goal, they seek to encourage people, employees, researchers, and governments to play a role in create new ways of working which enables companies to increase productivity along with worker health. Also, it will strengthen labor community along with doing work that is more sustainable for the environment and where gender inequalities are fought.

In the data they present they state that 63 percent of companies they have an easier time keep the way attract more talent. In this regard, the British unions commented that they hope to lower the unemployment rate.

On the other hand, 78 percent of employees under this scheme they proved happier and less stressed. Thanks to reduced working hours, employees in their spare time can dedicate themselves to other work, training or hobbies they have forgotten about.

In terms of the environment, with one less working day, the population movement will be reduced and it has the potential to occur carbon footprint in estimates up to 127 million tons by no longer having to take to the streets about 27 million cars during so-called rush hour.

“The four days a week challenges today’s work models and helps companies stop just measuring how long people are ‘on the job’ and focus more on the results they produce,” explains Jor O’Connor, pilot project manager.

Iceland was the first country to join the dynamism last year where they demonstrated that productivity at work was or is even better. Countries that run their own short-term work programs are Australia, Canada, Scotland, Spain, USA, Ireland and New Zealand.

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