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“If the existence of an unclassified file that provides further details regarding the seriousness of the events reported in the press is confirmed, due to its magnitude and the circumstances that have come to light, the Argentine government will reaffirm its claim to the British government and within the framework of its permanent policy on nuclear weapons and on their use, planning to raise this situation with a competent international organization“, said the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this morning.

In this regard, the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted, “in connection with the latest information published on the Declassified UK portal on delivery of British ships with 31 nuclear weapons to the South Atlantic conflict, which in 2003 the British Ministry of Defense published a report in which it stated that the task force formed to go to the South Atlantic during the 1982 conflict included ships equipped with nuclear weapons”.

At that time, Britain has denied violating the Tlatelolco Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and that all weapons returned to British soil are “in good condition.”

He recalled that the Foreign Office “in 2003 sent a protest note to the UK stating the extreme gravity of the situation and requesting precise and complete information on the various aspects involved in the events that came to light.”

In this regard, it is emphasized that “in particular, to ensure that there are no reliable nuclear weapons anywhere in the South Atlantic, nor on a sunken ship, on the seabed or under any other form or condition”.

At this point, Palacio San Martín stated that “at that time, Britain denied having violated the Treaty of Tlatelolco and that all weapons were returned to England in good condition.”

“While the UK is reluctant to provide detailed information in this regard, our country has stated attention before different international forums about the possibility, confirmed in 2003, that Britain had introduced nuclear weapons into the South Atlantic“, concluded the official statement.

Britain seized the Falkland Islands in 1833 and the United Nations, in 1965, decided that it and Argentina should resolve the “sovereignty dispute” within the framework of the international body’s designation, but Britain has refused to engage in dialogue since 1982, despite the anniversary resolution of the year 1982. to year from the United Nations for them to sit down to negotiate. |


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