Musk’s opinion leader is now seeking his place in the world… from Twitter

His over 88.5 million followers on Twitter and his prominence on other social networks has made Elon Musk the founder of Tesla, SpaceX and future owners of social networks, in opinion leaders. There has been much speculation about the role he will play after the acquisition of the company becomes effective and the extent to which assuming a relevant role in his organizational chart could be detrimental to him or the company.

in ‘Information’, Javier Ramirezattached to the Directorate General MAS consultation considers South African entrepreneurs to be “super leaders” both at the business level and in creating opinion on issues that really concern people and relate to the future of humanity.

In consulting they work with a methodology that measures leadership according to ten factors that range from communication to influence, through commitment. It can be argued that Musk scores in most of them. Of course, he warned that the richest man on the planet would face a series of challenges or risks if he decided to take over management of the company.

Among these are the possible boycott of advertisers if there is no control over the content posted on Twitter, as well as possible regulatory problems -especially in the European Union and the UK-, but also those stemming from a desired expansion. in China with Tesla or related to the loss of credibility if he is wrong with his decisions and with his role in the technology company. Notable Musk Profiles Help You Get Rid of Elena BelloPublic Relations specialist at business school IEBs.

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