Nissan: Nissan dreams of e-racing

Nissan – or the group’s dedicated sports car arm, Nismo – has been participating in Formula E since the 2018/2019 season with some ups and downs – like most there.

When they then started working on how to launch their new Ariya – which was obviously quite advanced in some areas – of course there were some who thought it was a racetrack. But this time it had to be thought a little less conventionally than usual.

The result is a one-seater racer. But not a Formula type car. This one has more of a body and wheels that look almost completely covered.

Relatively futuristic lines and cars were also presented at the Nissan Futures grand event some time ago.

And since the design is the first thing you notice, it’s only natural that Nissan’s design manager, Alfonso Albaisa, presented it.

He had obviously also become Japanese after ten years in that position.

He says that the car is built in a design language he calls Eternal Japanese Futurism (!) and that the designers were inspired by the words “shun” which means to run fast and effortlessly, and “sho” which means to lift oneself up gracefully. power (think ballet).

(case continues)

Can we also not state that in front of us we find the Ariyan element – also the flaming V. Along the sides are clear streamlines and the harsh corners and sharp edges tell everything about carbon fiber.

Not a word was said about size or weight or any such detail. Nothing about the driveline either, but here we can guess.

The top version of the Ariya has a twin engine system called the Performa e-4orce with 389 horsepower.

There is no reason for a race car to settle for less.

There is talk of making multiple copies for a separate brand series. Time will tell if something happens.

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