No turns! Boris Johnson responds if he plans to resign in UK

GREAT BRITAIN-. After a few days in the storm, Boris Johnson He broke the silence and referred to his future in great Britain. The prime minister has been heavily criticized for having parties and gatherings in times of confinement where this is prohibited. But when asked about it, he firmly denied that he would resign, and promised to continue his work.

It all happened in a session of the British Parliament. There Boris Johnson was accused by opposition Labor leaders, Keir Starmer, in order to change his version of social gatherings and to mislead the legislature, the offense the prime minister accepted should lead to his resignation, according to the agency Reuters.

Nonetheless, when asked if he would resign, Johnson replied: “No.” “I’m not denying it, and for all sorts of reasons, a lot of people might want me out of the way, but the reason he (Starmer) wanted me out of the way is because he knows this guy can be trusted. conservative legislator.

We’ve made tough decisions, we’ve succeeded in big decisions and we, and especially me, did the job“, he continued. Meanwhile, the UK remains vigilant over the disclosure of an internal investigation containing material about allegations of illegal parties in the office Johnson. The same thing, said the Foreign Minister, could be published this Wednesday, January 26.

Truss said Johnson had not received any reports of what happened at his residence in Downing Street, and that we should await the conclusion of the investigation before making more comments about its future. “Looks like it will be revealed soon. So I suggest we wait for the facts rather than talk about various speculations about what could happen,” he said.

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