Nostradamus and his alleged predictions about Queen Elizabeth II

Nostradamus is characterized by catastrophic predictions which, on several occasions, come true.

Topics range from the world, countries, political figures and even royalty.

Precisely about the latter there are predictions that worry Britain, because the system of government will take a significant turn.

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“At the end of the war, the great powers changed. Near the beach three beautiful children were born. They will destroy the city when they grow up. They will change the kingdom and they will not see it grow again”, was the prophecy of Nostradamus.

Experts in this regard say that these children could be Prince Harry, Prince William and Princess Beatrice, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, and the late Prince Philip. This was reported by La Nación de Argentina.

This prophecy adds to rumors that after Queen Elizabeth’s death, reign will be a thing of the past.

Experts say Prince Charles, who is in the line of succession, will not take the job because of his advanced age, royal insiders say.

Likewise, it is speculated that if Prince William succeeds the king, he will take the first step for England to become a republic for the second time in its history.

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