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Prince Harry’s misunderstandings seem to have no end and just as things seem to calm down a new situation emerges that puts him on the media’s radar, as he is now seeking challenged the work of the British Government by not allowing it to pay for its police protection when I returned to England.

Therefore, Prince Harry decided start a fierce battle through their lawyers to achieve lets you pay privately for police protection for his family, should they visit England.

Through a statement, Harry’s legal representative explained that the prince she wants to bring her two children, Archie and Lilibet Dianato “know their country of origin”, but that is too risky without adequate police protection and considers that he “inherits a security risk from birth, for life”.

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Keep in mind that andDuke offered to personally pay for police protection in the UK for himself and his family in January 2020 and although the offer was rejected, he was now willing to cover the security costs, so it is not associated with British taxpayers.

This situation has caused great controversy since just a few days ago it’s given total rating that supports Meghan Markle in his battle against the tabloids and now Harry has taken legal action against the UK Government’s decision to withdraw her protection after losing her to distance from the royal family in 2020.

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