Stranded by pandemic: Argentina finalizes details to start humanitarian flights to Malvinas

Stock photo of the Welcome to the Falkland Islands sign on the pier in Stanley, Falkland Islands. EFE / Felipe Trueba / Archives

Argentine government You have everything ready to fulfill your offer to undertake two humanitarian charter flights with flag carrier, to solve the problem of the Falkland Islanders, mostly from Chile, who have been stranded since the start of the pandemic.

The news was released after England will reject Argentina’s proposal so that residents can visit their families on Hari Raya. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs insisted on this initiative and proposed that the flagged planes pass through Chile before heading to Buenos Aires, the final destination.

“After learning that most of the residents of the Falkland Islands who need to have air service to the continent are from Chile, the Argentine government offered that on their return journey to the continent, flights can go directly to Punta Arenas airport or other alternative airports in Chile. This proposal takes into account that there are currently restrictions on border crossings with Chile,” read a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This humanitarian offer, made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of a recommendation from the Malvinas National Council, reflects on the British government’s claim that most of the stranded were Chilean nationals, thus making it available for planes to depart from Argentine territory. mainland and destined for Punta Arenas or any other airport in the country.

The proposal occurs in a context where regular flights connecting the Islands to the mainland have not been operating since March 2020 and based on restrictions on ground transit with the sister of the Republic of Chile for health reasons. Although this suspension exceeds the wishes of the Argentinean authorities, the national government is working to help overcome the negative consequences of the pandemic by allowing people living in the Falkland Islands to travel to their hometowns to take care of personal, health or family matters. .

Likewise, it should be borne in mind that until the offer of charter flights by the Argentine government, there had been no request from the UK government in this regard and therefore, their communications have responded to the national offer. government.

General view of the Stanley area in the Falkland Islands
General view of the Stanley area in the Falkland Islands

In this regard, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero ratified this gesture of goodwill to journalists participating in the meeting held on Monday, December 21 at the Palacio San Martín.

It should be noted that the Argentine government has nothing to do with the situation islands air disconnection and that British government authorities are linked to the island’s illegitimate government refusal to resume regular flights of Punta Arenas – Rio Gallegos – Malvinas.

Faced with such an argument, Argentina made it clear that everything related to regular flights with the islands concerns the governments of the United Kingdom and the Argentine Republic, and that they are not dependent on the illegitimate decisions of the island governments and airlines.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship repeatedly stated during 2020 and 2021 the proposal for regular flights with the flag line between the Malvinas Islands and mainland Argentina, thereby expressing the absolute good faith and tendencies of our country.

The circumstances described allow us to conclude that neither the cause of the isolation suffered by the residents of Malvinas nor any negative can be attributed to the Argentinean Republic, given the attitude of goodwill that has been expressed and affirmed by our government.


Argentina offers humanitarian flights to Falkland Islands residents
In light of Britain’s refusal, Argentina changed its proposal to send humanitarian flights to Malvinas

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